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Artist Ashvin Harrison takes on Ash Barty and the Australian Open

Game, set, a match made in heaven! That’s how we at SINGULART feel about artist Ashvin Harrison‘s recent collaboration with tennis star Ash Barty to create a one-off artwork inspired by the Australian Open tennis tournament. The two created this unique painting using Ashvin’s signature detailed graphite and paint dripping techniques, enhanced by additional splashes of paint made by Ash hitting paint-covered tennis balls at the canvas. The final piece, along with the tennis racket Ash used for this project and four signed tennis balls are being auctioned on SINGULART from January 10 – January 31 to support the important work of the Make A Wish Foundation.

To find our more about this unusual project, we spoke to Ashvin about his experience working with Ash.

How would you describe the difference between a four hand painting experience and your normal technique?

When I create the abstract expressionism side of my art, it feels like a rock concert within. I listen to loud music, acrylic paint splashes all over the studio walls whilst I dance my way around the canvas. To have four hands on the creative process felt like a music festival within! This is the first time I’ve ever collaborated with someone on an artwork. Ash Barty brought the athletic skill and unique perspective to help create a truly one of a kind artwork and experience! It was great fun! 

How did you come up with the idea to paint with tennis balls? What do you think it adds to the artwork?

Ash Barty came up with the idea for both tennis ball splatters and the color theme. We worked together on the day to finely tune the paint splatter practice before letting loose on the masterpiece. Once we got the ball rolling, everything started to come together in color balance, splatter placement and energetic expressive motion. I feel this makes for a truly one of a kind artwork concept, style and creation. 

What was working with Ash Barty like? How did your relationship affect the artwork?

Ash and I hit it off straight away. We have quite a lot in common which helped us to feel relaxed and trust each other’s artistic input into the artwork creation. The entire creative process from sketch to charcoal dust painting and final acrylic paint splatter was an enjoyable experience thanks to Ash’s down to earth nature and supportive input into the work of art. 

How do you want people to feel when looking at this artwork?

Inspired! I am a huge tennis fan of decades and was in tears watching Ash’s Wimbledon win. Ash’s win inspired me to keep pushing and focus on creating the best art I can- not just for me, but for everyone around the world to enjoy. I hope this artwork collaboration inspires children and adults to participate and enjoy in sports, enjoy the arts and dream big. With a positive heart and mind, anything is possible. 

Does creating an artwork for a specific event or a charitable cause affect your creation process or final piece in any way?

There is always a level of anxiety in the creative process of art for me. Even more so when it is for such a great cause. However, I use this anxiety to my advantage to excite my creative imagination and seek a stronger sense of accuracy and refinement in my skill and craft. I pumped the music up louder, focused my eyes a little sharper and let positive thinking guide me in the right direction. 

Thanks Ashvin for taking the time to answer our question!

Ashvin Harrison
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