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Meet SINGULART’s Top 5 Best-Selling Artists of 2021

2022 is already upon us, with many exciting auctions and events at SINGULART to come! Our first candle auction of the year, Top 21 of 2021, takes a look back at our best-selling artists of 2021. Starting January 6th, you will have an opportunity to acquire works from our top-selling artists of 2021 at a price lowered daily whilst the sale lasts. This is an exclusive chance to add a piece (or two) from the most sought after emerging and established artists that marked this past year to your personal collection!

To get to know some of our international and stylistically diverse best-selling artists of 2021 better, discover our top 5 highest performing artists at SINGULART below!

1. Niki Hare

United Kingdom

Having sold 167 paintings in 2021, one of which for a huge €9.4K, SINGULART’s top performing artist of the year is self-taught British artist Niki Hare. Her oil paintings, principally exploring ideas of existence and the individual’s perception, are created spontaneously and play with layered texts and narratives painted using different colors. Her artworks offer her collectors and over 5K followers of her artist page a multitude of potential interpretations as she emphasizes the temporary nature of perception. Never uploaded for long before selling, Hare’s paintings ultimately act as a visual diary, and appear bright, intentional and complex.

2. Ashvin Harrison


Our second best-selling artist, having sold over 160 artworks in 2021, is Australian painter and draftsman Ashvin Harrison, who boasts 6.9K followers on SINGULART. Harrison’s works are primarily driven by his interests in existentialism, absurdism and the major contrasts that exist within the human experience. He composes sensitive figurative pieces with interesting balances of monochrome structures next to colorful and direct splashes of paint. We predict that Harrison will continue to impress his current and future collectors in 2022 thanks to his recent collaborative painting with tennis star Ash Barty, which will be auction on SINGULART from January 10 – January 31!

3. Wojtek Babski


Wojtek Babski is an experienced Polish artist exclusive to SINGULART who has had an exciting year with us, having been featured in our booth at the 2021 Frankfurt Discovery Art Fair. Primarily painting feminine motifs such as faces, figures and silhouettes, his works are a combination of realism and abstract painting. Often influenced by Pop-Art, each piece displays strong, vivid colors achieved by wide brush and palette knife strokes, along with and large contrastingly colored spots. Babski is a firm collector favorite as his works attract attention with their bold expression! His highest selling artwork of 2021, “Coral Reef” was bought for over €10.4K and he has amassed 3.7K followers on SINGULART!

4. Marie Manon Corbeil


Marie Manon Corbeil‘s journey to becoming an artist was not a joyful one, It sadly arose due to challenges in her life. Nevertheless, art provided the artist with a reason to hope. Her difficulties provided her with a new means of expression, which Corbeil now wants to use to convey a sense of joy to her collectors and 2K followers on SINGULART. She draws forms and writes positive words under each canvas before beginning a piece. Employing large brushes to provoke unplanned strokes, she also uses her fingers to optimize the vibrant colors in her compositions. 2021 saw Corbeil’s career continue to blossom. Not only did she have a solo exhibition ‘What if Women Ran the World’ in Laguna Beach, United States, but she has already sold her first artwork of 2022.

5. Ta Byrne


Ta Byrne is an exciting Thai painter working in a representational style. She is our fifth highest-earning artist on SINGULART. She boasts over 4K followers on her artists page, thanks to her versatile body of work that includes soft colors and shapes, hard and striking lines and figures, the familiar and the unexpected. Her diverse themes include the beauty of women, human behavior, hats and surrealism but across her body of works we often see returning characters and motifs, such as her famous lovers and fried eggs! Having once never believed she could become a professional artist, Ta is now a constant SINGULART best-seller!

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