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How to Create a Romantic Interior this Valentine’s Day

From bouquets of blooming flowers to tantalizing treats, Valentine’s Day is a holiday with no shortage of gift ideas. But why should that Valentine’s feeling only be shown on one day of the year? Flowers fade and chocolates never last, but by styling your home or gifting art and design pieces to your loved ones, you can create bring a loving energy into your interiors all year long. 

Read on to discover our tips to show your home and your partner some love this Valentine’s Day.

Bring the Spring Inside

Cold, dark, and damp. For most of us residing in the Northern hemisphere, the February weather in which we find ourselves celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t quite create an air of romance. However, with spring just around the corner, it comes as no surprise that for this holiday, flowers are the staple gift for loved ones. If you’re looking to take it a step further this year, why not decorate with floral inspired artworks to instill the essence of spring into your interior?

In our Valentine’s Day Flash Sale choose between classic or abstract arrangements, or for added sensuality, Georgia O’Keeffe inspired macroscopic blooms.

Set the Mood with Sensual Colors

Turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day by infusing your home with pink and red artworks and design pieces. Not only are these warm tones sure to set the mood for your evening, but for the whole year round! Darker tones too, such as midnight blues and deep purples can help create a mysterious and romantic setting, reminding us of late nights and red wine.

Revel in the Romance

Displaying an homage to other lovers might be the perfect way to show your partner what’s on your mind… Ta Byrne‘s embracing figures in Lovers I Love You exude an enviable intimacy, while Jaime Lee‘s Hold Me and Bernard Simunovic‘s Kissed Awake awaken a sense of passion and desire!

Show Your Love Through Heart-Art

Why not let your walls speak for you this year by adorning them with the symbol of love? By displaying heart-themed artwork in your home not only do you create an atmosphere of closeness in your interior, as bare walls often create a cold environment, but you inject your space with a playful dose of heartfelt romance.


Styling your interior loving energy doesn’t just have to be for Valentine’s day. Making sure your space is equipped with a stylish snug is a love-nest essential, providing a space to cuddle up with those you love all year long. By adding sumptuous textures and cozy design pieces you can feel the warmth and positivity of this holiday spread through every season.

Snuggle down on Victoria-Maria Geyer‘s cushy Clarence Sofa (which reminds us of a pair of kissable lips), recreate a starry-night with Johannes Hemann‘s Storm Table Light, or spread the love with KUBO‘s sustainable and artisanal throw pillows.

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