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Discover the Art and Design Trends of 2022

Interior design movements tend to evolve organically over time. Yet over the last two years our homes have had to work for us harder than ever. After spending so much time inside in 2021, the way we view and experience our homes has changed dramatically, shaking up the trends of 2022 in an equally substantial manner. Most noticeably, bright and stark minimalism is on way the out. Instead, we in 2022 we are turning to warmer palettes and memento-filled interiors to spark joy and bring us visual comfort.

Discover our other predictions for what the art and design world will be focusing on in 2022 below!

70s Vibes

Although the mid-century modern style which has dominated the design scene over the last five years is not going anywhere, expect to see this style reinvented in 2022 with a 70s twist! In true 70s style, earth tones are on the rise, with chocolate browns, umbers, ochres and oranges being the colors of choice this year. If you’re having flashbacks to outdated shag carpet, fear not! In 2022 we are pairing these shades with warm neutrals, cool leather and black accents, such as with Italian designer Livoni’s Old Livoni chair, for a sophisticated and zen note!

Curved Lines

Retro design will also return in the form of furniture. Boxy sofas be gone! In their place, curved furniture, such as Victoria Maria Geyer‘s squashy Penelope Sofa and dynamic Aimee Stool, will continue to gain in popularity in 2022. These soft edges and sculptural designs create an inviting and highly personal atmosphere with an added touch of luxury.

Bright, Bold and Floral

Thanks to Pantone’s color of the year, Very Peri, white-everything is out. Instead, bold hues will be splashed across our homes in 2022. For an up-to-date interior, off-set your earthy tones with shades of periwinkle and violet, or RAF blue and forest greens. In a continued effort to make your home a joyful space, geometric patterns and floral designs are also making a come-back. If the kitsch wall-paper of the 60s and 70s isn’t quite to your taste, opt for a smaller, but statement artworks, like Sumit Mehndiratta‘s kaleidoscope rose in Karmascope 7.

Fresh and Figurative

As far as trends in the art market are concerned, in this post-Covid era, art-lovers are seeking out human connection through figurative works of art such as Daria Zaseda‘s Decadence and Bernard Simunovic‘s Summer Breeze . Up and coming artists have recently, and will continue to be, a favorite among collectors in 2022 wanting to bring a zesty and diverse perspective into their interiors. On SINGULART it’s easy to find the rising stars who have caught the eye of the art world with our Emerging Artists badge.

Bring the Outside In

With travelling in 2022 becoming increasingly easier, interiors that reflect your travels are also on the rise. By displaying artworks and design pieces from different countries you can create an adventurous atmosphere in your home that you can enjoy all year round. Think marble, terracotta and wood as your materials of choice this year. Feel inspired by these natural materials’ raw and tactile textures which add depth and the calming, restorative ambiance of the outdoors into your interior.

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