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Meet the Winners of the SINGULART Awards 2022

In 2022, SINGULART is as proud as ever to represent our 10,000 artists, and to have helped over 20,000 collectors around the world curate their lives with art. But SINGULART is more than a site to discover artists and artworks. That’s why we launched the SINGULART Awards, the first of many editions of which has now come to a roaring end!

A prize ceremony honoring a wide selection of our most talented artists and their works, whatever their specialty, experience or nationality, the SINGULART Awards aim to launch or strengthen the career of our artists at an international level, whilst recognizing how their work acts on our society and embellishes our lives by providing the winning artists with a solid reference to add to their resumé.

As our founder Vera Kempf explains,

“The SINGULART awards were created out of our mission to empower artists. A prize like this can elevate a career and visibility of an artistic creator and help start a connection and conversation with the viewers of their art. Our awards feature two prizes, one is the Artist of the year, which is a people’s choice award and the jury prize centered around the theme of human connection and awarding the artists best depicting the theme in the categories painter, photographer and sculpture.”

Vera Kempf, Co-Founder 

The votes have now been counted and our jury’s winning selection has been communicated to us…. Read on to discover our winning artists and their works!

Celebrating Human Connection

In a post-Covid world, that exchanges of ideas, of emotions and even touch are a privilege is more apparent than ever. This is why our 1st edition of the SINGULART Awards chose to explore the theme of Human Connection. Over the last two years, the importance of the arts on society and our individual well-being has once again been highlighted. 

Unable to see friends and family, we turned to art for support, for inspiration, to feel joy, and, most importantly, to feel connected with those around us. With 90% of our art sales taking place between different countries, SINGULART is a firm believer in the power or art to transcend borders, cultures, and generations.

A Jury of International Art Experts 

SINGULART invited four art market specialists to honor the painter, photographer and sculpture of the year, whose art best showcases and discusses human connection. In the jury are: Aurélie Deplus –  Head of Art Sponsorship and Public Relations at Société Générale Banking, Magnus Resch – Art Market Economist and Professor at Yale. Ingra Griese – Founder & Editor in chief ICON and Julie Constant – Regional Managing Director, Europe at RAMSAY FAIRS LIMITED.

‘’It is inspiring to watch art because there is so much energy and thinking behind it. You can see the different lifes reflected in the works presented to us, especially in this time its even more important to see what comes from the brains, hearts and creativity of the international artists and how they transformed their experiences.’’

Ingra Griese

The Jury’s Prizes

Chosen by our Jury for their exceptional skill and exemplification of this year’s theme, Human Connection, our Artist, Painter and Sculptor of the Year 2022 will receive a trophy, and will be featured prominently in communications to increase their international awareness. The exposure includes three featured articles in the German press, being highlighted in the communication by the gallery itself as well as receiving extra visibility on SINGULART.

Painter of the Year 2022

Harry Holland

I was especially impressed and fascinated by his techniques and figurative work.

Aurélie Deplus, Head of Art Sponsorship and Public Relations at Société Générale Banking

We are pleased to announce that our Painter of the Year award goes to Harry Holland, whose works are featured in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (United States), the Canadian National Portrait Gallery and the Senate of the Italian Republic, to name a few. Holland enjoys exploring the tradition of Western painting, with his works filled with psychological insight, complex narratives, and technical skill. 

Holland’s artworks tell a story through character, action and place. Instead of his paintings having an introductory or conclusive air, Holland chooses to depict moments which show people and relations as they seem in the moment that he sees them (either in reality or in my mind’s eye).

Photographer of the year 2022

Baudouin Mouanda

He has a wonderful way of treating an image. His photographs are both powerful and joyful despite addressing difficult subjects such as climate change.

Julie Constant, Regional Managing Director, Europe at RAMSAY FAIRS LIMITED. 

Our Photographer of the Year award goes to Congolese artist Baudouin Mouanda. Attracted by the play of light and perspective offered by photography, Mouanda uses the medium to compose works that provoke reflection.

Capturing the real chronicles of life in the Congolese capital, he seeks to offer a different face of Africa as his creative contribution. All the while he remains a privileged witness to its contemporary history. Mouanda ultimately mixes engaged themes, such as climate change and poverty, with artistic sensitivity, resulting in a body of work full of thoughtfulness, tribute, and technical expertise.

Sculptor of the Year 2022

Seunghwui Koo

Her work really shows all the time and effort she puts in and there is a connection to her personal story.

Magnus Resch, Art Market Economist and Professor at Yale

Our winning sculptor is Korean artist Seunghwui Koo. She is known for carving minuscule wooden figurines which she paints and then arranges into incredibly detailed, captivating pieces.

In her artworks Koo explores the changing symbolism of the pig across the different cultures that have shaped her upbringing and career. In Korea, it is traditional to celebrate new endeavors with a pig’s head, positioned in the center of the room, which has money put into its mouth. Across her oeuvres she seeks to reconcile the Eastern view of pigs as symbols of wealth and good fortune, with the Western perspective of pigs representing greed.

Artist of the Year 2022

Our fourth and final prize in this year’s SINGULART Awards is the Artist of the Year 2022. Chosen by popular vote from our art collectors and art lovers, we are pleased to announce that this prize has been awarded to Alexia López Sosa!

Alexia López Sosa

Alexia López Sosa is a multi prize-winning Mexican artist whose works have been widely exhibited in her home country, as well as in France and Argentina. Three images are constants in the paintings, prints, and sculptures: the mountain, the chair, and the wild herb. Tangible in all of her artworks is the exploration of dreams and nature, and transformation through time. When she works, she pours her heart onto the canvas, drawing upon her memories, dreams, and known and imagined landscapes.

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