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Meet the SINGULART Family: Kohei Kunisaki

As an online art gallery, SINGULART’s strength lies in its services, which means that sometimes our team is hidden in the background. We want to change this with our series: Meet the SINGULART Team.

SINGULART is a French startup that counts diversity and internationalism among its core beliefs. Therefore, we have created this space to allow our team members can share their distinct back-stories. Join us on a journey around the world that—for nearly all of our team—ends in the heart of Paris.

This week, Kohei Kunisaki, Art Advisor – Team Asia at SINGULART, tells us his story.

Half-American and half-Japanese, Kohei Kunisaki grew up influenced by two cultures. His studies led him to Paris and to SINGULART, where he began his career as an intern before becoming a permanent and indispensable member of the Art Advisor – Asia team.

About Kohei Kunisaki

Kohei was born in Tokyo. This travel enthusiast has lived in 4 different countries; most notably, on the Hawaiian islands in the United States. He spent his childhood there playing tennis, rugby, and surfing. He particularly appreciates the mindset and relaxed lifestyle of the Hawaiians.

“I love the nature, climate and culture of Hawaii; it’s really a place like no other, and very different from the big cities I’ve lived in afterwards.”

Kohei and his mom in Hawaï

His journey takes him back to Tokyo, where he returns at the age of 10. He loves the unique culture and incredible food of this country. He is equally a huge fan of nihonga, traditional Japanese art. It is one of his favorite artistic styles: the soft colors, detailed technique, and pleasing compositions have always inspired him.

His Journey to SINGULART

After studying marketing and Japanese art history, Kohei worked in Tokyo for 3 years before moving to Paris to complete a Master’s degree in international business. Now, he is an Art Advisor at SINGULART, where he works with clients in Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. What he enjoys most about his job is connecting artists and art lovers from around the world.

“I love exploring the thousands of artworks we have on SINGULART, and finding the perfect match for my clients’ homes.”

Kohei with Quentin Artists Agent at SINGULART

Kohei Kunisaki in Three Questions

Why art?

I love art, in all its forms. The beauty of art is that it’s open to interpretation; each person can find different meanings in a work of art and that same work can impact people in totally different ways. It’s fascinating to think that at SINGULART, we are helping to spread the power of art around the world.

What do you like about SINGULART?

What I love about SINGULART is the international environment and the wonderful people who work here. I get to work with colleagues from different cultures and we learn a lot from each other. I also like the fast-growing environment in which the company is evolving, and the way we create new innovative projects. Everything I do has an impact and is visible. This is very satisfying. Since I joined, the Asia team has grown three times larger, and it’s exciting to see the team grow.

What future do you see for SINGULART?

With Covid, the purchase of art online has increased and I believe in the expansion of SINGULART, especially in Asia. It’s been great to see so many happy clients so far, and I’m excited to see how this develops and expands in the years to come. I would love to reach more clients in Japan and introduce this way of buying artworks there. Since Japan is an island, there are not many international art exhibitions, and it is great to connect my Japanese customers with outstanding international artists. Also, it is great to see Japanese artworks being sold around the world, giving them greater exposure and well-deserved recognition.

Discover Kohei Kunisaki’s three favorite artworks on SINGULART: