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In Conversation with Alexandra Link

Deputy editor-in-chief for the German edition of ELLE magazine, Alexandra Link is a committed woman; a fervent defender of gender equality. At SINGULART, we think that one day is not enough. So, for International Women’s Month, we collaborated with her on a guest-curated collection that highlights the representation of women in art, by women artists. We asked her a few questions about this initiative.

Why was it important for you to collaborate on this project ? 

I love art and I love to support women. In Elle Germany, we have a great channel called “Female Empowerment” where we write about equal rights and other topics on modern feminism. I also know that female artists, nowadays and in the past, are often a bit forgotten. I want to change that and give amazing female artists the platform they deserve.

With this collection, the main idea was to showcase women’s bodies in art, by women. Why do you think women claiming ownership of their bodies is still a problem in society, for example on social media ?

I think that is because of the way we are socialized. On one hand, women are overly sexualized. On the other hand, we are scared to show our true self. Most women learn as children to hide themselves because women “shouldn’t be loud or aggressive.” And, I think even though there are big differences around the world, all women are facing it.  

Old friends, by Alia Essam (Egypt), Acrylic on Canvas, 60x80cm

You are very vocal about gender equality on your personal Instagram account. How did this come about? And what needs to be done in creative industries for true equity ? 

I guess that is a personal journey. I grew up being told not to be loud and to always fit in. And that made me very shy when I was younger. It’s just now, in my forties, that I am finally finding my own power. I learned that you need female supporters to grow personally and career-wise, and that is what I want to give back.

What is the role of ELLE—founded by feminist icons Hélène Lazareff & Françoise Giroud—in women empowerment ? 

ELLE has always supported women and feminism. That is what we want to continue now and in the future. I strongly believe that art, fashion and fashion photography have the power to change our perception. All three of these disciplines reflect the zeitgeist, and at the same time, give us an image of what the future can look like. It expands our imagination, and that is what’s needed to change for a better future. You have to imagine it first. 

In an extremely ordinary secret room by Young Park (South Korea), Acrylic on Canvas, 107×81.5cm

In the recent years, women have increasingly opened up regarding discrimination and the lack of equality in almost every aspect of society. Where are we now, according to you ? 

I think we are still at the beginning, and that there will be a lot more #metoo scandals in the future. Women are still scared to talk openly but it is so important. Nothing can change if we are not putting a spotlight on things that are wrong and unbalanced.

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