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In Conversation with HongLee Curator

Being a player in the contemporary art world means constantly refreshing our mindsets. Finding new sources of inspiration, witnessing new methods of creation and seeking new partnerships is the life source of the contemporary art world, and an important part of SINGULART’s mission to both empower artists and meet the diverse needs of our art lovers and collectors.

We are therefore very excited to be partnering with HongLee Curator to showcase 20 of their artists on SINGULART!

To find out more about the international art platform founded by Jungwon Lee and Sungmin Hong, we spoke to Jungwon about HongLee’s artistic direction and current and future projects.

What is HongLee’s mission as a company?

Founded in 2017 with the intention of introducing international artists to the European art market, HongLee began its work as an artist’s agent, endeavoring to promote and aid the exhibitions of undiscovered artists.

How would you describe your work to someone outside of the art world?

Aiming to reinvigorate the art sphere, HongLee showcases art to art lovers and collectors in a more diverse manner, involving emerging artists, curators, and art critics.

How do you create links with the artists you select for your exhibitions?

To better promote our artists, we organize exhibitions both physically as well as online. We work with partner platforms for web-based exhibitions. To exhibit artworks physically, we organize exhibitions in locations boasting active art markets. This includes Paris, London, Porto, Shanghai, and New York. One project that we are presently spotlighting is the Focus Art Fair. Each exhibition is based on a particular concept, and artists are selected with regards to this concept.

What projects are you currently working on?

We have already organized 4 exhibitions in Porto, Paris, and London with great success. This year, we intend to host our main project at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, as well as at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

What other curators, artists, writers, intellectuals or other creators inspire you?

I have always been inspired by Art Basel, Switzerland. Namely their ‘Unlimited’ project, which is a wonderful exhibition in terms of both the organization and the public experience.

What are your upcoming projects?

My next project is Focus Paris 2022, situated at Carrousel du Louvre from 1st-4th September 2022. The main concept is Art Boom which is how digital art co-exists with classic art.

Thank you Jungwon for taking the time to talk to us!