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10 International Designers to Follow on Instagram and Why

As we are launching our new design section on SINGULART we thought it would be a great opportunity to make you discover some of our designers. We’ve selected 10 designers to follow on instagram. Explore this list and get inspired, find new ideas from around the world, and keep yourself up to date with the latest trends. Ready to dive into creativity ?



Founded by Architect-Carpenter Lucien Dumas in 2020, Matang is a company that designs furniture and interiors in both Paris and Mumbai. The company’s ethos is inspired by “Mattangs”, the maps created by the Polynesian people for over 3000 years and used to navigate landscapes with no fixed points, such as the ocean. Dumas projects, therefore, to explore the expression and production process of natural materials and the hands that meet and shape them in their journey.

Dumas’ Instagram typifies an architect’s atelier with clean lines and a structural focus. His furniture designs, predominantly crafted from wood, create a zen atmosphere on the feed of his quickly increasing Instagram following.

Rassoï stool

Ilaria Bianchi


Ilaria Bianchi is a multifacette Italian designer, who has a sustainable approach to design by combining technology and craftsmanship. She’s been selected as one of the 100 “ambassadors of Italian design” by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Italian Design Day. She has also co-founded the Ladies’ Room: a women’s collaborative project which celebrates contemporary design with unique works that mix their italians roots with a sensorial experience and feminine twist.  

Her instagram is filled with her timeless pieces and visually strong design, that stands in satisfying pictures, with a pastel colour palette, and dreamy light. Making her Instagram a sensorial trip in the perfect aesthetic.

Atelier Ciprian Manda


Ciprian Manda began his journey as architect but turned to woodworking over a decade ago, when he felt the urge to create objects from scratch with his own hands. Primarily working with hardwoods, a material he feels privileged to use and shape, Manda creates unique contemporary pieces that reflect the beauty of nature into our homes. Each desk, table, bench and shelf is crafted with the utmost care and respect, and undertaken with the precise planning of an architect. 

Manda’s Instagram is filled with his minimalistic designs that blend rational ergonomics with nature’s fluidity. Not only does he share beautiful in-situ photographs of his designs, but also close ups and the design and manufacturing process with his 6k followers.

Ahryun Lee


Having first studied ceramics in South Korea, and now a recent graduate of London’s Royal College of Art Ahryun Lee is a rising star of the art world. Now living in Germany, Lee explores numerous creative possibilities by embracing different perspectives between the East and West. Her works make playful use of colour and texture, referencing the materiality of her artform, as well as combining both contemporary and traditional techniques. 
Lee’s Instagram is a hub of creative, childish glee where she shows her spotted, striped, furry or spiking ceramic creations with her 10.4k followers.

Crita Ceramiche


CRITA Ceramiche (“crita” being the Sicilian name for clay) was dreamt up by a group of friends: Davide and Livio, both from Sicily and Matthias, an Austrian with a love of Sicilian arts and culture. Desiring to find new aesthetic forms and tracing them back to the Sicilian tradition of pottery, Crita creates vibrant and evocative objects that evoke the very life of the city in which they were created. Emphasizing shape and color, their modern-day artefacts embody the Sicilian baroque spirit, embrace European history all the while pushing ceramics into the modern-age.

With over 11k followers, their Instagram is a treasure trove of delightful plates, sculptures and vases basking in the Sicilian sun.

Bitossi Ceramiche


Heir to a long dynasty of artisans, (the Bitossi family was documented in the territory of Montelupo Fiorentino as far back as 1536) Bitossi Ceramiche was founded in 1921 by Guido Bitossi. Blending tradition and classical styles with newer research based techniques in ceramic production, over the years many designers have contributed to the company, notably the creative director of over 50 years, Aldo Londi, a man with an innate creative and aesthetic sense, and a keen eye to the changes in the taste and the uniqueness of the Italian products.

On their Instagram they share the entire process of creating their ceramic designs, often showcasing their pieces in the tasteful homes of their collectors and 16.7k followers.

Christian Watson


Having studied under the world-renowned designer-maker, Marc Fish at Robinson House Studio in Sussex, London-based fine furniture maker Christian Watson is a designer with a relentless pursuit of perfection. Highly invested in the integrity of British craftsmanship, Watson’s designs are created with a holistic approach, and are made to be adaptable to any environment, with their simple, design forward aesthetic, rendering them modern day heirlooms. 

Thanks to his sleek, pared-back designs, Watson’s monochromatic and neutral toned Instagram grid soothes the eye and intrigues the mind. Although relatively new on the scene, Watson already boats over 17k followers!

Kostas Neofitidis


Describing himself as an eclectic creative, Kostas Neofitidis a multidisciplinary artist and architect from Cypress.  Neofitidis aims to weave into all of his works a feeling of happiness, optimism and positivity. Whether designing a cup or a building, his philosophy is absolutely multidisciplinary, marked by limitless creativity without boundaries between forms and shapes.

Neofitidis’ Instagram is testament to his abundant creativity, featuring his multicolored and technology inspired artworks and interiors alike, which he shares with his 27.3k followers.

Victoria Maria Geyer


Belgium-based German furniture and interior designer Victoria Maria Geyer loves nothing more than adding her personal touch to any space that she enters. Through her distinctive compositions, Geyer’s one of a kind creations evoke a sense of happiness, comfort, and love by celebrating texture and organic shapes. She is best known for her effortlessly mix and match style, pairing antique and contemporary pieces in her designs whilst managing to keep up with current trends in a unique way. 

Her lifestyle Instagram, which currently counts over 33k followers, stylishly mixes inspirational interiors, behind the scenes photos and her own funky furniture designs.


& @masquespacio_chris

Ana Milena Hernandez and Christoph Penasse make up the Spanish design company Masquespacio. Known for their quirky aesthetics and off-the-wall projects, they have been recognized with several awards over the years, such as the ‘Young Talent Design Award’ by Elle Decoration International Magazine, the Architectural Digest ‘Massimo Dutti New Values Award’ and the ‘Wave of the Future Award’ by Hospitality Design USA amongst others. 

Their love of colors, textures, materials & forms is highly visible on their two enviable Instagram accounts, masquespacio_ana and masquespacio_chris, which together have around 265k followers.