5 minutes with Mason Editions

Mason Editions, founded by Fabio Mason, is an Italian company that specialises in the artisanal creation of the finest designer accessories and lighting. Their products are made with local raw materials and crafted with high-quality artisanal techniques, conveying visual and tactile sensations by focusing on material contrast. In addition, Mason Editions valorise a conscious and sustainable aesthetic and design approach.

We sat down with Mason Editions to discuss the world of design as well as their inspiration and creative process.

What or who are your sources of inspiration?

I try to observe and capture ideas from every environment in which I find myself. The artisans with whom I
collaborate have a lot to teach and by observing them I always try to grasp some details that can help me in the creation of my objects.

Hakou B, Steel, Glass, 2019, 39cm, 11cm, 32cm

Talk me through your creative process, from the initial idea to the realisation of the product?

The creative process of our company is made up of several phases. It all starts from a need: to create a newobject or lamp that can be functional but at the same time innovative, inspiring and capable of arousing an emotion. At that point there is the meeting with the designer who realises our idea on paper and then begins the real creative process: the research of materials and the development of the concept.

How do you think contemporary design and art intercept?

I am convinced that there is not a big difference between making art and making design. In fact, the
designer is a fully-fledged artist who seeks to transform their idea into a creation that, just like a work of art, can convey emotion and beauty, with the only addition of the functional.

What materials are the most rewarding to work with and why?

I prefer the use of simple materials: iron, glass and wood. The thing I appreciate most about working with
simple materials is seeing their metamorphosis. A piece of iron if well worked can turn into a precious
creation, as well as glass that from such a fragile material can turn into a resistant element.

What do you consider to be your greatest challenge when it comes to the production process?

It must be recognised that there are limits in the processing of a material. Therefore, the real challenge is to concretise the abstract project by trying to keep faith in the initial idea as much as possible.

Touché D, 2018, Wood, Steel, 36cm, 6.4cm, 48cm

In your opinion, what is the mark of a successful design piece?

The right balance between aesthetics and utility.

What impact do you seek to provoke with your designs?

The Mason editions collection is linear and timeless. With our proposals we try to leave a mark on people’s minds, focusing on a material contrast and a fresh design with simple shapes.

What do you value the most in the world of functional design?

Everyone likes beautiful things but filling the house with objects that appear only for aesthetics may not
always be the best choice. The functional design responds to the needs of those who use it or those who
observe it and this is the aspect that I most appreciate.

What major milestones have you crossed as a designer as of recent? How have you grown and what have you learnt?

The market is now saturated with design objects and at this point it is difficult to emerge among many. This is one of the most important challenges to overcome for each new project.

Lotus Metal, 2018, Steel, Glass, 36cm, 48cm, 36cm

Are there any contemporary designers you have discovered lately whose work you admire?

I am fond of some historical designers of whom I appreciate the topicality of the product despite the
passage of time. As for contemporary designers there are so many and so different from each other (more or less famous). It would not be fair to mention just a few.

Thank you Mason Editions ! Click here to view their full SINGULART portfolio !