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See ‘Life in Colors’ with SINGULART’s first exhibition!

From June 10th to 12th, SINGULART is hosting its first ever exhibition “Life in Colors” in the vibrant city of Vienna! SINGULART will showcase 16 artists presenting colorful, engaging, and vivid artworks. Because, what would life be without color? Each hue can convey a different emotion or hold a particular symbolic significance. The artists in this exhibition utilize color to recall memories, stimulate the imagination and amplify emotions. It will also be an exclusive opportunity to see a live painting created by of one of our beloved artists, Ashvin Harrison—who will also be conducting a children’s workshop during the exhibition!

Discover the artists selected for this exhibition and explore their vivid universe now!

Larissa Abtova

Larissa Abtova is an experienced artist based in the Netherlands whose work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions internationally. « In every painting I look for the essence of what I want to portray, people, animals, landscapes, as always I seek to incorporate one’s soul and emotions. » .

Emil Aziz

Emil Aziz is an emerging Turkish painter who has exhibited his work in Azerbaijan and France.
« Art is in the things I see, feelings I feel, the best way I can express what is going on inside me, the messages I want to deliver to my viewers without loosing the beauty of art. » .

Wojtek Babski

Wojtek Babski is an experienced Polish artist who has exhibited his work nationally. « What I like best in painting is energy, spontaneity, colour, emotions and impression. ».

Flavia Birsan

Flavia Birsan is a prize-winning Romanian painter who has exhibited her art nationally and in the United Arab Emirates. « I am an abstract artist, trying to create a personal world of sensations for every viewer of my artworks. ».

Axelle Bosler

Axelle Bosler is a French artist who has exhibited her paintings nationally, as well as in Germany.
« A painter since childhood, my passion has become my job, but it will forever be a pleasure! ».

Eric Bruni

Eric Bruni is a gifted French painter who has exhibited his work in France and China. « A painter of skies, interpreter of nature… I capture all its softness. ».

Marie Manon Corbeil

Marie Manon Corbeil began to paint amidst personal challenges:‘Between sadness and hope, there was art’. Realizing that life’s difficulties provided her with a new means of expression, Corbeil wants to convey a sense of joy within her contemporary abstract works. « I breathe art, I eat art and I am happy. Art is in my blood. Art is my life. »

Ashvin Harrison

Ashvin Harrison is an exciting Australian painter and draftsman, whose work has featured in exhibitions and publications nationally. « I aim to express beauty in the purpose of life through my works of art. ».

Frank Jähne

Frank Jähne is a promising German painter who has exhibited his work in Hannover. « I can influence only a part of the result with my painting technique and I am surprised again and again from the finished picture. ».

Abstract No. 545-III, 2021

Pol Ledent

Pol Ledent is a dedicated Belgian artist who has participated in exhibitions in Belgium, France and Taiwan. « I’m inspired by the rhythms and movement of nature, which form the poetry of my canvases. »

Joan Llaverias

Joan Llaverias is a passionate Catalan artist whose works have featured in prizes, exhibitions and collections across Spain and France.« I am inspired by nature’s shapes, textures and colors, which surround me. »

Catherine Ludeau

Catherine Ludeau is an experienced French painter who has exhibited her work nationally. « I seek purity ».

Bernard Simunovic

Bernard Simunovic is an established Croatian artist based in Germany, whose works have featured in exhibitions, collections and prizes across the country. « On the last night of our lives, we are asked about love. ».

Yuliya Vladkovska

Yuliya Vladvoska is an exciting Ukrainian painter based in Italy, whose work has featured in international exhibitions, publications and collections. « The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. ».

Luc Villard

Luc Villard is a French painter whose art has been featured in several solo and group exhibitions in France. His abstract pieces contain themes of hidden faces and invented languages. « I’m In the pursuit of balance.».

Angie Wright

Angie Wright is an established artist from Portugal whose paintings have been featured in solo and group shows internationally. « I create for the challenge, the thrill, the doubt, the belief, the rush…for the love of painting. ».

Info about the fair :
When? 10 -12 June 2022 from 11 am – to 8 pm
Where? f6 – the open factory – Esterházygasse 3, 1060 Wien, Austria
Free entrance

Discover the full collection of the exhibition here!