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SINGULART: 5 Years in Numbers

This month, SINGULART celebrates its 5th anniversary! It’s the perfect occasion to highlight the achievements and numbers that made us proud. 


The number of artworks we have sold in five years! An impressive amount of unique pieces that have found their way into homes around the world. 

Art is magic – DeKooning Style,  Marie Manon Corbeil

35 million

The amount of money (in euros) that we have granted to artists and designers, thanks to our global sales—helping creators to live off of their passion. 

Poetry of Departures, Fintan Whelan


We are proud to represent artists from 165 different countries and showcase their creativity worldwide. 

Bi Triptych,  Caroline Banks


Speaking of worldwide, one can find 27 different nationalities amongst our 140 employees. 

Best therapy,  María Burgaz


The number of artists and designers live on SINGULART. A diverse community of creatives who share their craft, drive, and imagination with the world. 

Love of Art, 2021
by Ilaamen Pelshaw, United States


The number of exclusive artists you’ll find only on SINGULART! Among them are some of our bestselling artists including Ashvin Harrison, Ta byrne and Wojtek Babski.


Art can impact people, challenge our worldview, and encourage positive change. SINGULART has always aimed to partner with artists to help them support important causes. Accordingly, we have held several charity initiatives throughout these five years. This has resulted in more than 109,000 euros donated to non-profit organizations that are working to improve our world, one cause at a time, for the people who need it most.

Peace of Mind, Natalia Nosek (NATXA)


Singulart is a company driven by innovation, so we are constantly listening to your wants and needs. We discovered that in addition to our artworks, you wanted access to design pieces directly on SINGULART. That’s why we launched the design section on our platform, and are now happy to list 306 talented designers. As for our clients’ favorites, we already have three bestsellers: MORICI with his recognizable geometric patterns; Davide Montanaro with his work that explores new material and form; and Angelo Lussiana with his meticulous creations made from cardboard.

Discover our mission and join us in Moving the world with creativity!