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Our Top 10 US based Designers to Know

American design is characterized by the same notions rooted in the foundations of the U.S.: freedom and individuality. American design is closely linked to the industrial revolution, as American industrialists became aware of the importance of aesthetics, especially when it comes to home furniture and decor. Design had been led by Europe for centuries, but following the first world war, European countries were struggling economically. The US then took the lead, and from then on, major designers emerged in America, but the breakthrough came when the Eames couple democratized design, allowing for mass production.

Since launching design, SINGULART has had the opportunity to feature many incredible designers from all around the world. In order to highlight some of the best of our talented designers, we have selected ten inspiring designers based in the US who keep pushing the boundaries of the design world. 

Mike Newins 

Portrait of Mike Newins. Photo courtesy of the designer.

Mike Newins is an American designer based in North Carolina. His work has an interactive relationship with the space and humans around it. The work is influenced by modern art, traditional craft, and imaginary worlds. Some of the designer’s influences include the artists of the Light and Space Movement and the Minimalism Movement of the 1960’s, notably Donald Judd, Dan Flavin and James Turrell. His latest exhibition was at the Head Hi Lamp show in Brooklyn, United States.

Neal Aronowitz

Neal Aronowitz - US designer
Neal Artonowitz in his studio. Photo courtesy of the designer.

Neal Aronowitz is an award-winning designer based in the United States. His art has been featured in publications such as GRAY Magazine, Surface Magazine, Interior Design, etc. Through his pieces, Aronowitz endeavors to explore and express powerful, graceful, and dynamic forms and forces through highly sculptural furniture and lighting.

Ana Volante

Portrait of Ana Volante. Photo courtesy of the designer.

Ana Volante is a Venezuelan designer specialized in interior environments, product design and art proposals. She completed her studies at the Instituto de Diseno de Caracas, then moved to Milano to upscale her knowledge. In 2005, she returned to her native country to work for several architecture firms until starting her own Studio.

Marc DiGiaimo

Marc DiGiaimo - US designer
Marc DiGiaimo in his studio. Photo courtesy of the designer.

Marc DiGiaimo is an American designer based in Philadelphia. He believes that the essence of art is achieved when a piece drives the thoughts of the audience to transcend the physical object and extrapolate a deeper notion or unseen reality. His latest exhibit was at the Juried Craft Exhibition in the Delaware Art Museum, United States.

Martin Zelonky

Portrait of Martin Zelonky. Photo courtesy of the designer.

Martin Zelonky is a designer based in the United States whose works have been featured in solo and group exhibitions nationally. He believes that each piece needs only its profile, shape, and clarity of line. Through his distinctive designs, Zelonky hopes to challenge the observer with what isn’t there as much as what is. His artistic expression is translated via wood, metal, or stone.

Monarca Goods

Monarca Goods US based designer
Monarca Goods in his studio. Photo courtesy of the designer.

Based in the United States, Monarca Goods‘ distinctive pieces are inspired by nature’s shapes, materials, and colors. Their rattan and wooden furniture is produced in the Phillippines, where they source materials locally. Describing their designs as “exotic”, Monarca Goods also offers custom order options for their international clientele.

Brian Chaaban

Brian Chaaban - US designer
Portrait of Brian Chaaban. Photo courtesy of the designer.

Designer Brian Chaaban was born in 1992 in Los Angeles. Through his distinctive hand-crafted pieces, he endeavors to capture and preserve natural energies. In his studio, located in Los Angeles, Chaaban primarily employs the lost wax casting technique, a method that dates back nearly 6000 years. He was recently featured in the April-May 2022 issue of Interiors Magazine.

Lynne Meade

Lynne Meade in her studio. Photo courtesy of the designer.

Born in 1962, Lynne Meade is a designer and sculptor based in Oakland, California. All Meade’s distinctive ceramic pieces are created on a potter’s wheel. She describes her artistic practice as being marked by repetitive patterns as well as the continuous exploration of the limits of her materials. She has taught classes at MIT, The New Jersey Center for Visual Arts, Walnut Creek Center for Community Arts, ASUC at UC Berkeley, and workshops around the country. In 2009, Meade received the Carol Duke Artist Award for Excellence In Craft at the Bellevue Arts Museum. She has permanent collections at American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, California and at Benedict University in Chicago, Illinois.

Russell Buchanan

Russell Buchanan - US designer
Russell Buchanan in his studio. Photo courtesy of the designer.

Russell Buchanan is an award-winning designer based in Texas. Buchanan’s artistic practice is influenced by geometric forms, the efficient use of materials, and functionality, in particular, mobility. He enjoys creating with raw materials which include steel and wood. His work is featured in the permanent collection of The Dallas Museum of Art (USA).


Camino US based designer
Portrait of Camino. Photo courtesy of the designer.

Inspired by El Camino Real, the historic road that connects Mexico with California, and the wondrous journeys that have taken place on this route, Camino‘s designs convey those precious memories. Based in the United States, their distinctive pieces are lightweight and easy to carry, made for the “urban traveller” and their “drifting lifestyles”.

If you enjoyed this introduction to some of our top 10 US based designers, don’t hesitate to browse our design section overflowing with many other talented designers. A unique piece might just catch your eye!