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Five Legendary Interior Designers to Know

Some interior designers are practically superstars nowadays. Five names stand above everyone else, however, as true icons of interior design: Philippe Starck, India Mahdavi, Jacques Grange, Peter Marino, and Justina Blakeney. Each in their own way, they have left their print on the world of design, and created a legendary career for themselves.  

Philippe Starck: A Legendary Designer


Philippe Starck is one of the most iconic interior designers alive. His work is seen around the world in luxurious and prestigious locations such as the Icon Brickell in Miami, the S Hotel in Taipei, Fasano at Rio de Janeiro and the Sanderson Hotel in London. He is known as the first person to bring design to the masses, democratizing a previously elitist concept. Through his love of contrasts, he perfected the balance between function, precision, and minimalism, while managing to keep the space feeling warm and liveable.

Known for breaking boundaries with his surprising designs, Starck is a legend.  If you would like to bring some luxurious decor details to your home, look through our selection of pieces inspired by Starck’s approach. 

India Mahdavi: The Queen of Colors 

CHEZ NINA MILANO – India Mahdavi

India Mahdavi is one of the leading interior designers working today. Born in 1962 in Tehran, Iran, she grew up traveling with her parents, from her homeland to the U.S., Germany, and France. This incredibly diverse upbringing is clear in her colorful, eclectic designs, known as “nomad chic,” which range from homes, hotels, and commercial spaces to airplane interiors and furniture.

Nicknamed “the queen of color,” India Mahdavi’s huge contribution to the field of interior design has inspired us to curate a selection of art and design pieces influenced by her unique style. With surprising mixes of colours and clashing patterns, Mahdavi’s world is reminiscent of childhood. Unexpected yet elegant, the spaces she designs are a bold example of neo-baroque style. Whether you’re searching for the right couch for your living room, or you’re simply a die-hard fan of the designer, we hope you will find the gem you’re looking for here.

Jacques Grange: French Sophistication 

Jacques Grange Instagram

When asked about his design style, legendary French designer Jacques Grange spoke about his love of ‘strange balances’ and his quest to mix ‘something very rough with something very refined’. Accordingly, he is known for using pieces from different historical eras, with a special interest in the late 18th century, Art-Deco, and the 1950s. This design virtuoso’s most incredible gift is his capacity to make rooms look like they haven’t been designed at all, as if all the different elements came together naturally.

The designer has an impressive client list, including icons such as the late Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, and Valentino, as well as Francis Ford Coppola and Princess Caroline of Monaco. Inspired by this designer to the stars, we have selected some of our best art and design pieces to allow you to recreate his signature style at home. 

Peter Marino: The Celebrity Designer 

Miami Beach Residence – Peter Merino Architect

Peter Marino is a celebrity designer based in New York. He is widely known for his residential and retail interior designs for the most iconic names in the fashion and art worlds. He designed the private residence of Andy Warhol, who was his mentor and his first patron. Much like Warhol, Marino is a virtuoso of provocative style and an expert in marketing. His design style can be difficult to pin down, as he has done everything from sharp Modernist spaces to Regency interiors. He is known for maintaining a constant dialogue between exterior and interior, giving materiality, texture, scale, and light a central stage. 

The iconic designer described his style best in an interview with Vogue Italia: “I feel my style is something that defines the time in which we live, in that it combines many things: art, textiles, furniture, and a very definite modernity in architecture. I call myself an interior architect, but for me interior, exterior and landscape architecture, they’re all the same. It’s all about style.” It’s all about style indeed. Inspired by Peter Marino, we have selected a range of contemporary art and design pieces that emulate the celebrity designer’s signature.

Justina Blakeney: The Trendsetter

Photo By Jenna Peffley for Architectural Digest – Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney is an interior designer and artist known for her vibrant, boho style, called “Neo-bohemian.” After becoming a social media star, she started her own company, The Jungalow (a mix of the words Jungle and Bungalow), offering colorful decor items to her legions of fans. The designer’s love of plants and patterns started the “boho chic” trend and inspired thousands to adopt a more colorful, creative approach to interior design. The root of the Jungalow style is blending old, new, folkloristic, and surprising materials with a huge number of green plants. This creates a delightfully eclectic environment that shines with personality. In order to channel the Jungalow style, choosing 1950s vintage pieces is essential, as well as focusing on materials such as wood or wicker. White walls or wallpapers with leaf motifs, inspired by tropical style, are also essential.

If you’re a fan of Justina Blakeney’s bohemian look, these carefully chosen pieces will help you achieve the ultimate “Jungalow” vibe in your own space, crafting a peaceful yet fun interior in which to relax.

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