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5 minutes with Raka Studio

Based in Pakistan, Raka Studio garners their inspiration from organic design elements in nature and the smooth transaction from one part of a design to another, e.g., a branch seamlessly emerging from the trunk of a tree. Influenced by fluid, organic designs, their unique wooden pieces are made through the ancient Japanese wood bending technique.

What or who are your sources of inspiration?

Our sources have evolved over time; initially, we relied on the natural movement of the wood for inspiration when bending the wood. Our inspiration derives from organic forms by understanding how wood can bend.

Lapus Contemporary Coffee Table, 2021, Wood and Glass, 121.9cm 40.6cm x 91.4cm

Talk us through your creative process, from the initial idea to the realization of the product?

The creative process varies. But normally, one of the designers will come up with what he wants to make; a table, a lamp, or a console, for example. Along with what the key design element will be in that piece or what the core design concept of the piece is. From there, we make the piece and design the whole piece on the rig.

How do you think contemporary design and art intercept?

I think it is a matter of what your definition of art is; one can create whatever distinction between the two.

What materials are the most rewarding to work with and why?

In my opinion, the reward cannot be compared because each material contains its unique purpose, esthetic, utility, etc. However, wood is probably the most rewarding in our case since we have explored and worked with that the most. It is not as solid as stone, nor in liquid form like resin, so wood is easy to control, is a durable material, and can result in phenomenal design.

Statement Lighting, Abstract Bentwood Chandelier, 2020, Wood, 137.2cm x 91.4cm x 76.2cm

What do you consider to be your greatest challenge when it comes to the production process?

To find a balance between creativity and what can be executed is a big challenge.

In your opinion, what is the mark of a successful design piece?

A successful design piece is both artistic and unique while still fulfilling its functional purpose.

What impact do you seek to provide with your designs?

Raka Studio aims to expand awareness of the extent the forms a material can take. While we do this with wood, we also experiment with stone to produce forms that are not commonly associated it.

What do you value the most in the world of functional design?

The fact that you can be creative and go on a journey of exploration leads to a piece that is functional and will provide a purpose.

One Seat, Lounge Chair, 2021, Textile and Wood, 104.1cm x 71.1cm x 61cm

What major milestones have you crossed as a designer recently? How have you grown, and what have you learned?

Towards the end of last year, we exhibited work at the West Bund Art Fair, Shanghai, and reached out to a greater audience through platforms like SINGULART. Our creative expression has harmonized with functionality and what is doable, enabling us to design more confidently.

Are there any contemporary designers you have discovered lately whose work you admire?

Wende l Castle. His range in what he achieved using wood is s aggering. His creativity was not only limited to design but also technique.

Thank you, Raka Studio! Click here to view their full SINGULART portfolio!