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5 minutes with Rampinelli Edizioni

Rampinelli Edizioni , founded in 2020 by Gabriele Rampinelli, creates distinctive designs and furniture pieces of steel using family-known industrial techniques of metalworking and manufacturing. Based on the composition of solid and minimalistic geometrics, the collection items highlight Italian design, manufacturing, and artistic innovation.

How do you think contemporary design and art intercept?

For us, the key drivers that influence if a design intercepts art are form, functionality, and whether or not a product is uniquely produced.

Bench, 2020, Steel, 175cm x 45cm x 35cm

What materials are the most rewarding to work with and why?

We enjoy working with steel the most because it best represents movement and allows endless modifications as well as finishing effects.

What do you consider to be your greatest challenge when it comes to the production process?

Steel can acquire distinct marks that are made by the welders during manufacturing. So the finishing process is always the trickiest but most important aspect of production since every mistake can be visible to the client.

Hanger, 2020, Steel, 60cm x 165cm x 35cm

In your opinion, what is the mark of a successful design piece?

A successful design object is a long-lasting, beautiful, and innovative product that can redefine the space.

What impact do you seek to provoke with your designs?

We like to challenge the design industry by implementing our metalwork process to create eccentric designs with bold colors.

What do you value the most in the world of functional design?

Above all, Rampinelli Edizioni values practical design with attention to detail that is free of unnecessary features or parts.

Table, 2020, Steel, 150cm x 74cm x 150cm

What major milestones have you crossed as a designer as of recent? How have you grown, and what have you learned?

Our Art Director and Designer, Sovrappensiero Design Studio, aimed to create an impact in the design world with its aesthetic and eccentric design and succeeded. We are now working on a new, more holistic editorial proposal to better balance the value chain.

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