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Interview with Xavier Charvet the founder of Studio Charvet

Studio Charvet is an internationally renowned architecture & design studio based in Berlin, composed of founder/architect Xavier Charvet and architect/painter Coline Savoye. The studio embraces a multidisciplinary approach, often combining raw materials with bespoke furniture, and juxtaposing unexpected forms with refined lines. Combining their knowledge of design and fine art, the duo has established Studio Charvet as a force to be reckoned with, notably as the recipient of the Berlin Prestige Award for Architecture & Design Studio of the Year in 2020.

We invited Studio Charvet to guest-curate a collection of their favorite art & design pieces on SINGULART. Find inspiration and reinvent your space with pieces hand picked by the design experts of Studio Charvet, and add sophistication, elegance, and flair to your home.

Xavier Charvet answers our questions, revealing his inspiration and giving out tips for the interior design lovers reading us!

How did you first get into interior design? Have you just always loved it?

Since I was a child I always wanted to be an architect. I used to draw my friend’s houses !

When I started studying architecture I immediately understood that a building only made sense if its interior design was also coherent.  I always thought that the two disciplines interior design and architecture were the same. When I draw a project I always think about the use of space and volume and I place the furniture right away.

What is your biggest inspiration, both in life and in design?

Nature and geometry are truly great, actually they are nearly the same thing. There are geometrical rules to be found in nature, like Fibonacci, or the golden number. And then I use them to design with the right balance, I love the process. I am translating into stone and wood a more instantaneous feeling, a way of living.

What was your intent and ambition behind the launch of Studio Charvet?

I always wanted to have an architecture office. I launched a first version of it in Paris directly after my Studies in 2007. Studio Charvet is the Berlin version of it. We found it with my partner in 2012 ! The clients who come to us want a new way of life. They wish to live in an integrated way with design pieces and contemporary art.

Interior design by Studio Charvet

What would you say has been your favorite project to date?

My fav project is always the ongoing project. Although I love sometimes to visit old projects like old friends and see how the clients put the space to life making it their very own.

How would you describe your aesthetic or artistic vision?

We want to give a pure line to our architecture without sacrificing comfort and ease of use.

How has Social Media changed the landscape of Interior Design according to you?

Social networks have allowed direct contact between creators and clients without passing through the filter of editors.

What are your best tips when it comes to decorating a home?

Big is beautiful! Buy the biggest works of art.

What inspired you in the curation you made for SINGULART ? Do you have a favorite piece in the selection ?

We imagined that we were redecorating our house.It’s difficult to pick only one piece but the Sphere Mappa Burl Large Side Table is nice and Armchair Capiatá is super fresh with the orange color !

Discover all the curation by Studio Charvet here !