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SINGULART Arrives at the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam

SINGULART will participate at the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam for the first time, this October 26 to 30. Celebrating its 16th edition, this international contemporary art fair will exhibit more than 1000 works from nearly 70 different galleries. We have curated a bold and impactful collection of works for this exciting event, and we have also planned an exclusive, on-site live art performance that visitors will be able to witness at our stand! Discover our selection of artists, and enjoy our dynamic and innovative collection of artworks before we exhibit at the fair later this month.

A Special and Eye-catching Curation

Fares Micue

Fares Micue is a conceptual photographer based in Spain. Completely self-taught, the artist began photography as a means to explore and share visions and dreams of her surroundings. Micue creates surreal portraits and whimsical landscapes, placing emphasis on location, colors, and mood to create narrative scenes that invite viewers to imagine a story.

Oleksandr Balbyshev

Oleksandr Balbyshev is a painter based in Ukraine. His work reinterprets iconic symbols of the USSR, often modifying Soviet-era portraits of Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin. He paints over found old portraits and sculptures, reconfiguring canvases, and collaging various objects to create new works of art from historic objects. As a result of this artistic gesture, the artist erases the propaganda and ideological meanings of the image, while simultaneously endowing it with decorative qualities.

Vanessa Van Meerhaeghe

Vanessa Van Meerhaeghe is a Belgian painter and draftsman inspired by diverse influences including fashion and nature. Her work typically depicts subjects taken out of context and placed amidst colorful surroundings. A professionally trained illustrator, Van Meerhaeghe’s figurative style combines bold patterns, alluring figures and unfamiliar landscapes, evoking curiosity and nostalgia.

Tarek Benaoum

Tarek Benaoum is a French artist specializing in graffiti and calligraphy. He is known for his futuristic style that plays on various alphabets including hieroglyphs, Gothic, Latin, and Berber. Captivated by street art at a young age, the artist discovered words as the perfect artistic medium for self-expression. The artist explores the relationship between language, image, and culture in order to create a universal message representing the diversity of mankind.


Based in the Netherlands, Kluskens is a French family business founded in 1971. Citing nature, craftsmanship and sustainability as the foundation of their brand philosophy, they merge old-fashioned craftsmanship with modern production techniques. Kluskens’s furniture is created from solid wood and is characterized by its timeless, minimalist design. We will have the pleasure of presenting some of their design pieces at our booth.

Julia A. Etedi

Julia A. Etedi is a painter based in France, whose work is inspired by nature’s poetry and movements. She depicts the rhythms and vibrations that she observes in her environment, represented by the strong rhapsodic aesthetics of colorful shapes juxtaposed with delicate contour lines. She will reveal during the fair her new series of artworks.

A Live Show to Raise Awareness

Acclaimed French urban artist NASTY is widely known for his prolific subway paintings with distinctive block letters and bright colors. He has collaborated with luxury brands such as Azzaro and Montblanc for creative advertising projects, and he is also involved in numerous artistic philanthropic initiatives. You can find NASTY at our booth! Hundreds of cans were collected, crushed, and merged by the artist–resulting in a large-scale recycled canvas. On-site at the fair, NASTY will perform a live painting directly upon the recycled canvas and divide the artwork into fragments. You will then be able to purchase a fragment of this unique work!

We look forward to seeing you at the fair! To discover all the works that will be presented, take a look at our AAF Amsterdam 2022 collection! And for more street art, abstract art, or photography inspiration, you can always browse our website.