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5 minutes with NEO/CRAFT

NEO/CRAFT, based in Germany, creates exceptional living accessories, furniture, and lamps in a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern production techniques. Their distinctive minimalist works are not only functional but also create interaction with the user.

What or who are your sources of inspiration?

Everything that surrounds and fascinates me, in short, life, is my source of inspiration. This can be geometric forms or even various existences, such as soap bubbles.

How do you think contemporary design and art intercept?

I find that there is a fluidity between design and art, and I like to move within that in between.

What materials are the most rewarding for you to work with and why?

While I enjoy working with various materials for their possibilities, I would say my favorite material to work with is glass. I find it very versatile and vibrant, and the play between glass and light endlessly fascinates me.

ISOM SQUARE, Glass, 70cm x 35 cm x 61 cm

In your opinion, what is the mark of a successful design piece?

When the idea and the form merge into one. I try to realize my idea as purely as possible while simultaneously questioning it in the language of form. Often, the material decides how the concept and form become an object; at the end of the day, I wish my designs to create joy for others.

What do you value the most in the world of functional design?

In a world where technology and function dominate and shape us, I find it essential to reflect on being human within my designs. It’s not purely about function because that would be sad, but rather the emotional experience evoked, like inspiration, playfulness, and joy, rises above the purely functional aspect of design.

What major milestones have you crossed as a designer recently? How have you grown? What have you learned?

My biggest challenge is to create something new and be satisfied with the result. So every new design I create is a new milestone and an opportunity for me to grow!

ISOM OBLONG, Glass, 105cm x 35cm x 61 cm

Thank you, NEO/CRAFT! Click here to view their full SINGULART portfolio!