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5 minutes with Alessio Ramundo

Alessio Ramundo is a designer based in Italy who places importance on objects’ essence, meaning, and final use. Inspired by the world of archetypes, he creates “rational objects” that evoke emotions through the harmony of forms and their expressive language. Favoring manual processing with a range of sustainable materials, Ramundo works with wood, linen, and recyclable plastics.

Talk us through your creative process, from the initial idea to the completion of creating a product.

When I design products, I always remember the principles of a good design process: sketching, prototyping, mock-ups, rending, etc. However, it isn’t about a formal succession of steps but more about playing with materials and finding the natural balance between aesthetics and utility. 

This concept of playing and creating has been a part of my life since I was very young when I would explore the Trentino mountains and collect wood scraps, leaves, clay, etc. so that I could build objects like chairs, tables, and cups.

How do you think contemporary design and art intercept? 

Art connects the human with the impossible. Design makes the impossible useful.  

Natura – Bench, Wood, 70 x 45 x 33 cm

What materials are the most rewarding to work with and why?

Trentino has a long history of artisanal woodworking and textile production. An example of this is the traditional houses called “Rustico,” which are built with materials found within a small radius. This aspect of my heritage is clear within my designs in wood and the Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi,” of accepting imperfections and beauty in the unique. 

What do you consider to be your greatest challenge when it comes to the production process? 

Making a unique product that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing without losing the spirit of the raw material. 

What impact do you seek to provoke with your designs?

Redefining the relationship between usage and consumption. We live in a world of limited resources, and we should make the best of what is available in our surroundings. 

Natura – Cabinet, Wood, 45 x 135 x 37 cm

What do you value most in the world of functional design? 

Aesthetic elegance combined with the correct use of materials. A design must be thought of with efficient design choices with the materials and craftsmanship for its usage. An object with such characteristics is a masterpiece of functional design. 

 What significant milestones have you crossed as a designer recently?

Recently, I was a finalist and winner of competitions that allowed me to show my work in important events such as Design Week and Eicma Motorshow in Milan, and Designblok in Prague. 

Are there any contemporary designers you have discovered lately whose work you admire? 

I admire Seungjin Yang’s creativity in his rhetorical figures and playful forms. Youngmin Kang uses waste from factories to create a series of colorful furniture. Finally, Jinyeong Yeon uses specific materials, semi-finished or finished products, and shapes them according to his concepts. 

Bug Stool, Steel and Plastic, 32 x 43 x 32 cm

Thank you Alessio Ramundo! Click here to view his full SINGULART portfolio!