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Interview with Ekaterina Aristova

We had the pleasure of interviewing SINGULART artist, Ekaterina Aristova, to discuss her process of Unconscious Art as well as the inspiration for her paintings and drawings.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m a painter based in Paris and the founder of the Unconscious Art Movement. I started as a figurative artist and naturally evolved to an abstraction, being strongly influenced by lyrical abstraction,  particularly by my compatriots Nicolas de Staël and Mark Rothko, and later, ideas from Kandinsky about spirituality in art. As well as Freud and Breton. All of which guided me to my own approach that I have developed since December of 2021.

Who or what are your sources of inspiration?

Many things, if not indeed everything that surrounds us, are a source of inspiration for me as a researcher. Consequently, I’m interested in analyzing the unconscious influence and making it visible as art opens the soul and liberates the mind. 

Are there any contemporary artists at the moment whose work you admire?

Anselm Kiefer. Gerhard Richter. Georg Baselitz.

What’s the most rewarding material you work with, and why? 

I have no particular preference for materials, but I love natural materials for their feeling and smell. In my most recent series, I use mainly charcoal, oil, and linen.

Ekaterina Aristova in her studio

Talk us through your creative process, from the initial idea to the realization of the final artwork.

In my process, I always seek new sensations through music, dance, and body movement that evokes strong emotions within me—anything to get me out of my comfort zone. 

Sometimes I will start with a subject that I am often thinking about; this can be a concrete, existential or philosophical issue. Often I listen to classical music to help me unearth these deep feelings within me and discover my interpretation. 

In my latest series, “Oasis,” I found hope and joy through dancing onto linen and creating abstract drawings with charcoal in my hands. While it is visually different from my usual style, the idea and process were the same.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m preparing for the new show in Paris on February 15th and 16th of 2023 at Galerie Au Médicis, where I will present new artworks on linen and paper through the continued approach of Unconscious Art.

Thank you so much, Ekaterina! To see more of her work, be sure to visit her SINGULART Profile!