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    A Day With Artist Duo Luke and Mandy

    Luke And Mandy are a UK artistic duo living and creating in France. Their work has received international exposure. Starting their career as a hobby, they developed into an established artistic duo who regularly sell their artworks to luxury interior designers and private collectors all over the world. We sat down with Luke and Mandy to talk about their daily…

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    My Hometown: Ivana Olbricht

    Ivana Olbricht is an established artist who showcases her work internationally. Her works are part of many private collections in her homeland of Slovakia as well as abroad. In her work, Olbricht seeks to share positivity and is inspired by everything from sweet candies to quiet seashores. We recently caught up with Ivana to learn more about her hometown and…

  • The artist duo Patricia Petapermal and Tatjana Lee
    Gallery talk with Patricia Petapermal and Tatjana Lee

    Indo-French artist Patricia Petapermal and German-Korean artist Tatjana Lee work together in a shared studio in Munich, where they each start work on a canvas before later exchanging them for the other to finish. As a result, and through constant collaboration during the creative process, particularly powerful images emerge. In their works, Petapermal and Lee focus on problem areas of…