• Ivan Pili in his studio
    A Day With: Ivan Pili

    Ivan Pili is a prizewinning artist who has exhibited his work across his home country of Italy. A master of shading and dimension, Pili is a technically-skilled artist who exclusively works with oil-based paints to create hyper-realistic portraits and still lifes that evoke the style and technical prowess of the master painters of the Renaissance. We recently sat down with…

  • Crowds massed in front of Mona Lisa. Photo: Getty Images GETTY
    Art news
    It’s “Suffocating”: Louvre Museum Staff Stage Walkout to Protest Overwhelming Visitor Numbers

    On Monday early this week, Louvre staff staged a walkout to protest what has been described as the increasingly unmanageable working conditions at the museum. Hundreds of tourists were left waiting in the rain when the museum failed to open Monday morning. Since 2009, museum attendance has increased by 20% while staff numbers have dropped from 2,161 to 2,005. Last…

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    My Hometown: Bernard Simunovic

    How does your hometown inform your art? Via social media channels. What was it like to grow up there? It was not easy to grow up in a communist country which, before the war, was known as Jugoslavia. People were restricted in their human rights, personal perspectives and freedom. Nevertheless, I discovered the talent that God gave to me, art,…

  • Sumsung's new AI can animate a face using a single photo
    Art news
    See Mona Lisa speak with Samsung’s new AI

    This week, Samsung’s research center in Moscow, Russia announced that they have successfully developed a new AI that can create movable avatars of photos and paintings using a single photo. While creating AI avatars by sourcing images is not new, this is the first time that a relatively clear avatar has been created using very few reference images. Typically, creating…

  • The artist Orlanda Broom painting in her studio.
    A Day With Orlanda Broom

    Orlanda Broom’s work continues to gain notoriety with her popular series of lush, large landscape and abstract works. We recently caught up with the bestselling-Brit to learn about her countryside studio, her never-ending collection of brushes, and her artistic process from first draft to the final product. Good morning, Orlanda! What’s the first thing you do when you wake up…

  • Interviews
    A Day With Virginia Bradley

    Virginia Bradley is an established American artist who has received numerous accolades over her more than 30 year long career. We caught up with Virginia to hear about how this artist spends a typical day living in the rustic beauty of the Massachusetts Berkshires. From mornings spent over coffee and poetry with her husband to her custom-built studio, Bradley takes…

  • Statues from Benin and Nigeria at the Musée du Quai Branly, Paris
    Art History • Art news • Featured
    Reparations, Colonization, and the Return of ‘Stolen’ Art to Africa

    “When we reflect on the question of cultural heritage objects, we must understand that it’s not simply objects that were taken, but reserves of energy, creative resources, reservoirs of potentials…and this loss is incommensurable”. -The Restitution of African Cultural Heritage On a mild day in November of 2017, the newly-elected French president Emmanuel Macron strode into the main amphitheater of…

  • Art History • Art news
    A Look Back on the Prestigious Career of I.M. Pei

    I.M. Pei, the renowned architect behind landmarks such as the Louvre Pyramid and Hong Kong’s Bank of China Tower, passed away Wednesday night in New York at the age of 102. A highly ambitious and adventurous visionary, Pei was known for blending inspiration from East and West and contrasting classic designs with modern twists. In celebration of his life’s work,…

  • The painting from Claude Monet’s “Meules” (“Grainstacks”) series sold for over 110 million on Tuesday. Image via Sotheby’s.
    Art news • The Art Market
    A Painting of Haystacks by Monet Just Sold for $110.7 Million

    In an auction at Sotheby’s New York on Tuesday that lasted a total of eight minutes, a Monet painting became the highest grossing Impressionist work ever, sold at a stunning $110.7 million USD. The painting is one of 25 pieces from Monet’s ‘Meules’ series completed in Giverny during the winter months of 1890 and 1891. The remaining paintings from the…