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    Meet the Singulart team – David Ortegón

    Singulart’s strength lies in its amazing artists and fantastic customer service, sometimes we forget those behind the scenes which make all this happen. Through this new series “Meet Singulart” we want to readdress this balance and introduce you to some of the experienced, dynamic and fun faces around the Singulart office. As a French start-up which counts diversity and internationalism…

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    Genre Painting: The Aesthetics of the Everyday

    A genre painting, also known as a morality painting, places everyday actions at the center of the artwork. These can be specific individual scenes, larger groups of people, or so-called “hidden object images”. In most cases, no identifiable personalities are depicted, but rather archetypes of a social class or group. These representations were already widespread in antiquity, but modern genre…

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    Still Life Painting: Yesterday and Today

    Although still life art existed in ancient times, it suddenly disappeared from the canvas for a lengthy period. The “autonomous” depiction of objects, entirely without people interacting with them, only spread again during the Golden Age in the Netherlands. The genre has been of great importance since its resurgence at the end of the 16th century and continues to be…