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    Giving it All: The Art of Marina Abramović

    Scream until your voice cracks. Dance until the point of exhaustion. Be present until you can’t stand it anymore. These are the principles of performance artist Marina Abramović: to seek out strange, new experiences and engage them with every sense. Her art is radical, ruthless, and uncomfortable. Again and again she casts herself into extreme situations – scratching herself with…

  • Cover Picture: Bitcoin Art: ‘Bitcoin 2018!’ By Jp Malot, acrylic, collage, watercolor, graffiti, felt, ink on paper, 70x50cm. Available for purchase on Singulart. Screenshot: Singulart.
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    Buying in Bitcoin: The Future of Art?

    Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency… within a short space of time, these terms have risen to the forefront of discussions about the future of technology in business, finance, government and life. Their emergence has been met with wide-ranging reactions, from alarmist objections to fervent excitement. So what does this new digital technology mean for the art world? After some initial hype, the…

  • Querschnitt des von Zaha Hadid entworfenen Messner Mountain Museum Corones. Foto via MMM Corones.
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    When Women Build: 4 Famous Women Architects and Their Work

    Architecture has long been a male dominated field – and still is today. At the beginning of 2018, female architects and urban planners in Germany made up just 34 percent of the field. The Pritzker Prize, which has been awarded to the world’s best architects since 1979, has been given to 41 men and only three women. Nonetheless, over the…