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    Address Book: Dublin

    Following on from our focus on Irish artists, Singulart is delving into the very best of what Dublin has to offer for the art enthusiast. For such a small capital city, Dublin exudes a cultural history that will leave any visitor curious for more. From James Joyce to Oscar Wilde, Louis le Brocquy to Francis Bacon, Dublin has given birth…

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    The Importance of Art and Satire at Times Like These

    Art and satire are indelibly linked. Indeed, satire is a form of artistic expression in its own right but it doesn’t necessarily take an artist to indulge in such a practice. The art of satire can be used between two people poking fun at current affairs over a morning cup of coffee or your grandmother’s scathing take on the current…

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    Andrea Sheehan tells us about the female empowering Hotel Zena

    Hotel Zena is being described as “the first hospitality establishment solely dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of women.” Here at Singulart, we are dedicating March to the empowerment of women, so it made perfect sense to sit down with the CEO of Dawson Design Associates, Andrea Sheehan, who had been commissioned to best portray this celebration of women within the…

  • Kunstsammlerin Monica Langfritz
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    Singulart’s Art Collectors – Monica Langfritz

    Singulart is proud to present its art collectors, who give works of art a new home – supporting artists and the art market in the process – and reinforce our mission. Singulart was pleased to talk to Monica Langfritz about her passion for culture and the family tradition of collecting art. Monica Langfritz inherited her passion for art and culture…

  • Juliane Wilhelm
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    Meet the Singulart Family – Juliane Wilhelm

    As an online platform and gallery, Singulart is known for its services. However, sometimes the team itself – the many people who make it all possible – fades into the background. In our new series Meet the Singulart Family, we want to change this. As a French start-up company that counts diversity and inclusion among its core values, we at…

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    Five Minutes with Nanna Hänninen

    Nanna Hänninen’s work has always looked to explore dichotomies that exist in this world, most notably the illusion of what is real and what is false. In a world of ‘Fake News’, her conceptual approach challenges the idea of photography as an objective snapshot of reality and the truth. We sat down with the Finnish artist to talk about her…