• Luís Bastos
    5 minutes with Luís Bastos

    Luís Bastos is an emerging Portuguese painter with national exposure. Shifting from portraits to landscapes to abstract expressionism, he composes paintings full of movement and memories. He finds particular inspiration in music, seeking to visually transmit the sound of of Chopin, Vivaldi, or even Metallica. He ultimately produces works full of action, energy and impact. We sat down with Luís…

  • Francesco d'Adamo
    5 minutes with Francesco d’Adamo

    Francesco D’Adamo is a talented Italian painter whose works have widely featured in exhibitions nationally, as well in publications, shows and collections throughout Europe. Seeking to create a wordless language through his art, he composes abstract paintings marked by broad, sweeping brush strokes, a highly pigmented colour palette and a soft musicality. D’Adamo draws inspiration from a range of artistic…

  • Larissa Abtova
    5mn with Larissa Abtova

    Larissa Abtova is an experienced artist based in the Netherlands whose work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions internationally. Practicing art ever since she was a kid, Abtova creates impressionist style portraits and landscapes in acrylic and oil on canvas. She aims to incorporate one’s soul and emotions into each portrait through their eyes, placing them in a…