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    Why Invest in Pop Art?

    3 Reasons to Invest in Pop Art Pop Art is undeniably one of the most popular and influential art movements throughout modern and contemporary art history. Conceived in the 1950s in the United States and the United Kingdom, Pop Art was born out of a desire to dismantle the concept of ‘high art’ and reduce the elitism surrounding artworks, therefore…

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    5 Minutes with Chen Hao

    Chen Hao is an established American painter born in China, whose works have been featured in exhibitions, publications, prizes and public collections worldwide. Hao has created his own style which he has dubbed Postmodern-Narrationism. This term describes his original visual system in which each composition contains its own story executed through postmodern techniques. Hao’s artistic success is built upon the…

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    Fashion and Art: 5 Iconic Fashion Photographers who Bridged the Gap

    Fashion has largely existed on the periphery of the ‘fine art’ world–or else has been entirely omitted from it–for centuries. Previously assigned to the realms of ‘design’ or ‘craft’, it is only in the past decade that fashion has entered the halls of museums in blockbuster exhibitions as veritable artworks in and of themselves. Instrumental in the development of this…

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    A Day With: Frans Muhren

    Frans Muhren is a nationally-distinguished sculptor and painter from the Netherlands. Movement (or the suggestion of it), contradictions (such as shadow and light, the convex and concave), and the possibilities of matter are the central themes of his work. In his sculptural work, small stories and unique characters appear in the colorful, sometimes abstract pieces. We recently sat down with…

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    On the Back of the 2019 Met Gala, Singulart breaks down ‘Camp’ Art through History

    As another MET Gala passes, a record-breaking $15 million is raised for the museum’s Costume Institute, and your Instagram feed is flooded with sequins, rainbows, and a face-full of feathers. In the wake of the Metropolitan Museum’s ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’ Gala and exhibition, whose theme was based on the 1964 essay ‘Notes on Camp’ by Susan Sontag, the internet…