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    Buying art or painting it yourself?

    What exactly falls under the concept of art? Why is there so much art today and why does man need art? And then the most important question: buy art or simply do it yourself? This will be clarified. What does art mean? Art (lt ars, gr. Téchne) can be traced back to knowledge, technology, perception and intuition, and is defined…

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    Art for living room

    The living room is the central point of any home. They spend most of their time there, most of the guests are accommodated, and often it is the largest room of their own home. The right wall decoration In order to find one or more paintings, which put the finishing touches on the living room, some factors may play a…

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    Artwork for home

    It is getting colder, sandals remain in the closet, clothes become thicker, and in the evening when you arrive home, the first thing you will do is make a cup of tea to increase your body temperature – in short, autumn is knocking at the door! And with him the need of warmth and comfort and the longing for the…