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    Art & Culture Podcasts to listen to during the time of Social Distancing.

    We are suddenly faced with long periods of time at home, so we are looking for inspiration on how to pass the hours. Here are some Arts & Culture Podcasts from around the world you can dive into while cooking, doing a puzzle, cleaning or just sitting back and relaxing. Let’s do what we can to make this time of…

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    From Hopper to Hitchcock: Artworks That Inspired Hollywood Classics

    This Sunday, the favorite sons and daughters of Hollywood will gather at the glittering Dolby Theatre to receive the Academy’s highest honors. From Scarlett Johansson to Joaquin Phoenix, Saoirse Ronan and Brad Pitt, Sam Mendes and Martin Scorsese… every film lover will be watching the Oscars with their eyes glued to the screen. In this article, Singulart has compiled a…

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    Elevate Your Interiors With Sculptures

    Long-overshadowed by paintings, sculptures are all too often overlooked as showpieces for the home. They’re forced to play second fiddle to oils and acrylics, frequently ignored by interior design magazines and absent from the art wishlists of many. Today, we’re here to change that! Here’s why you should consider investing in sculptures for your interior spaces: A Closer Match to…

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    Art for Every Season

    When it’s winter in Europe, it’s summer in Australia; when the leaves are falling in the US, monsoons are moving throughout Indonesia. The changing of seasons has been a major subject in literature, entertainment and art for centuries, and today we’re bringing you a selection of seasonal works ripe for the picking. Browse through art for every season below. Autumn…

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    The Gift of Art

    The holiday season is upon us, and we’re all looking for the perfect gift for our nearest and dearest. Art is a great way to achieve this: it’s personal, thoughtful and will last for years to come. A painting can capture a memory, a personality, a feeling… here’s how to give the gift of art to that special someone. Made-to-fit…

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    Rising Stars: 5 Artists to Invest In

    For art lovers and collectors navigating the art market, Singulart presents five of our artists to invest in now. These rising stars have already proven their success through international exhibitions, brand partnerships, and art fair exposure. The media has noticed their stand out styles, and we support them in pushing their careers even further by exposing their work to our…

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    How does an art auction work?

    Art auctions attract global attention with their glittery A-list collectors, bidding wars and unexpected events such as artworks shredding right in front of bidders’ eyes. But behind the glamour and drama sits a serious business, centuries of history, and practices that consistently set the tone for the art market at large. Here’s your guide to everything that happens before the…

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    How to Resell an Artwork

    The secondary art market, or the reselling of works, can be difficult to navigate, but worthwhile and rewarding if properly understood. The market is dynamic, with artist’s values increasing or lowering depending on their popularity, demand, and the trajectory of their career. Often collectors will invest in emerging artists to watch the price of their work rise in value and…

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    How to choose the perfect frame

    As much as we may like it to, a work of art doesn’t always stop at the paint. Choosing the right frame for your painting, photograph or drawing ensures that your favorite piece will be presented in the best light possible. We’re here to give you the run down on how to find your perfect frame, as well as to…

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    A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Abstract Art

    The world of abstract art is expansive, and finding a work you love can be challenging when there is a sea of aesthetic possibilities and logistical questions. You don’t need to be an expert if you are considering buying abstract art. You just need to have an open mind and especially, an open heart. When most people invest in abstract…