Acrylic Painting

  Acrylic painting is a relatively young medium, as it emerged in the mid-20th century. It was first made commercially available in the 1960s, and while it does not have the same long history as[…]

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Oil Painting

Oil painting is arguably one of the best known and most used painting mediums. Oil paint consists of suspending various pigments in a drying oil that acts as the binder. A variety of oils can[…]

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Watercolour Painting

  Watercolour paint consists of pigments suspended in water, which gives the paint a translucent effect. Watercolour artists often paint on paper, exploring the transparency of the paint and leaving sections unpainted to highlight certain[…]

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Art and artists of lithography

Lithography is one of the greatest artistic developments of the 19th century. Literally translated as “writing on stone”, lithography allowed the duplication of drawings and texts. Adding color nuances required the careful, intricate use of[…]

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Der Maler Heinrich Giebel vor der Staffelei, um 1935

How art came to the canvas

Art captures periods of time. In our 21st digitized century, creativity is still present in the foundation of art and completely exploits the unlimited possibilities. With the application of Pixel Art, the new computer art[…]

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