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    Joyce Pensato, Visionary Post-Punk Painter, Has Died at 77.

    On Thursday, June 13th, the art world lost a pillar of expressionist pop art. Since the mid-70s, Joy Pensato was re-imagining cartoon characters in her pop-y, acerbic, energetic, and sometimes sinister paintings. Her work combined influences from the likes of Kooning, Franz Kline, and Philip Guston. While she described her paintings as operating within the field of expressionism, it would…

  • Querschnitt des von Zaha Hadid entworfenen Messner Mountain Museum Corones. Foto via MMM Corones.
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    When Women Build: 4 Famous Women Architects and Their Work

    Architecture has long been a male dominated field – and still is today. At the beginning of 2018, female architects and urban planners in Germany made up just 34 percent of the field. The Pritzker Prize, which has been awarded to the world’s best architects since 1979, has been given to 41 men and only three women. Nonetheless, over the…

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    Graffiti in America: A Brief History of Modern Graffiti

    Graffiti art is when text and images are drawn or spray painted onto walls and surfaces, usually in urban, public places and normally without permission. The notion of drawing words and images on to walls is not a modern one and can be dated back to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. But Graffiti art as we know it was…

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    Controversial Art Pieces that Caused Public Outrage

    Controversial art has always been essential within the world of Contemporary art. Some of its actors, recognized for their, ‘ahem’, unique work, offer offbeat creations that push the limits of the genre and end up arousing public indignation in the process. In this article, Singular takes a look at five contemporary artists who have turned the art world on its…

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    5 Street Art artists from Middle East and Asia

    Even if the explosion of western Street-Art development has not arrived yet, Asian cities are slowly starting to be colored by solo artists and collectives. From Iran, Afghanistan, through China or India, from Hua Tuan to A1One, a short overview of these geniuses who revisit the wasteland and other buildings of Asia. Street Art, the coloring of industrial wastelands and…