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    Artists and Musicians are Speaking Out in Chilean Protests

    Since mid October, Chile has been in a state of civil unrest in response to growing inequality throughout the country. Sparked by a public transport fare increase on October 6th, Chilean students in Santiago began protesting and dodging fares, eventually resulting in violent confrontations with local police. The ongoing protests address widespread social and economic inequality, the privatization of social…

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    Address Book: Stockholm

    With the Affordable Art Fair in Stockholm running from October 10-13th, Singulart presents you with the best art the city has to offer. Known for their green spaces and innovative design principles, Sweden is minimalist, cozy, and quirky, and offers the same variety in their art and culture. From cutting edge modern art, to 17th century sailing ships and traditional…

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    Address Book: London

    With the Affordable Art Fair Battersea starting next week, Singulart presents you with the best art in London, highlighting the city’s top museums rich in art and culture and known for their free or low cost entry. Come meet Singulart at Booth 16 at the fair and then discover the city’s renowned artistic treasures. From the works of modern mavericks…

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    Legendary photographer Robert Frank dies at 94

    Frank was one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century, particularly celebrated for his documentarian depictions of modern American life. From Zürich to New York Born on 9th November, 1924 in Zürich, Switzerland, Robert Frank grew up in a Jewish family, and emigrated to New York at the age of 23. He secured work with various publications such…

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    Everything you need to know about art fairs

    What exactly is an art fair? Why are they important (especially in such a digitized world?) And what do they mean for fast-growing online galleries like Singulart? The basics More trade-show than county fair, an art fair is a gathering of galleries, collectors, curators and dealers, all ready to browse, buy and sell. The biggest fairs, such as Art Basel…

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    The Best YouTube Art Channels to Follow Right Now

    In this article, Singulart reviews some of the best YouTube art channels for artists and connoisseur of all levels. From tutorials to the basics of art history, these channels are here to help you become an expert in art. Baumgartner Restoration I truly cannot image a better name for an art restoration studio. I can practically smell the scotch breadth…

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    German fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh dies

    The photographer is credited with helping ring in the fashion industry’s ‘Supermodel’ era of the 1990s, and will be remembered for his celebrations of natural beauty. Peter Lindbergh has died in Paris, aged 74, as confirmed by his Paris studio on Wednesday in an Instagram post: It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Peter Lindbergh on…

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    5 Singulart Artists Reflect on the Environment

    In the face of sobering environmental events that highlight both the majesty and fragility of nature, we’ve gathered both artworks and comments from our artists for whom natural elements, environmentalism and climate change act as central themes. These themes have carried particular pertinence this week, with the Amazon rainforest currently being battered by dangerous fires; perhaps more than ever, environmental…

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    WASPA is an 11-year-old art Prodigy Whose Work is Selling Worldwide

    Kareem Waris Olamilekan, better known as WASPA ART, is a hyperrealism artist from Nigeria. At just eleven, the young superstar is gaining global fame for his hyperrealism portraits of his friends, neighbors, and family members. Working mostly with pencil but occasionally pastels, paints, and ballpoint pen, his portraits are lively, expressive, and touching depictions of his community. Dubbed ‘Africa’s youngest…