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  • Titelbild: Frida Kahlo. Bild: Secretaría Culture del Gobierno deMéxico
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    Have Researchers Unearthed Frida Kahlo’s Only Known Voice Recording?

    In Mexico’s National Sound Library, researchers may have discovered the world’s first voice recording of celebrated artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954). If the recording is indeed authentic, it will be a major historical discovery.  “We have been waiting for this for a long time,” said Pável Granados, Director of the Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico last Wednesday. And so, of course, has…

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    The Computer Grrrls Exhibit Brings Women in Tech Full Circle

    Part historical retrospective, park art exhibition, part conference, Computer Grrls takes over La Gaîté Lyrique to put women in tech back in the spotlight. The four month-long exhibit, which concludes July 14, highlights the history of women in tech and offers special events to open up the digital world to more women. The exhibit centers around the work of twenty-three…

  • Tokyo
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    Address Book: Tokyo

    One of the world’s biggest concrete jungles, Tokyo is many things. A consumerist dream with its mega department stores and endless pop culture paraphernalia, a historical hub with its centuries of cultural richness, a sensory overload with its flashing lights and all-hours orchestra of city sounds. With so much to do and see, it can be hard to prioritize artistic…

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    This Paris Collective is Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Art

    Mention the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) and you’re bound to inspire a few familiar responses: the inquisitive raise of an eyebrow, light-hearted references to sci-fi films, perhaps a robot joke or two. Introduce the idea of AI in the context of art and reactions will likely turn more extreme. Are machines set to replace artists? How could AI match up…

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    Joyce Pensato, Visionary Post-Punk Painter, Has Died at 77.

    On Thursday, June 13th, the art world lost a pillar of expressionist pop art. Since the mid-70s, Joy Pensato was re-imagining cartoon characters in her pop-y, acerbic, energetic, and sometimes sinister paintings. Her work combined influences from the likes of Kooning, Franz Kline, and Philip Guston. While she described her paintings as operating within the field of expressionism, it would…

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    5 Highlights from Vivid Sydney 2019

    Every year at the onset of Australia’s winter, Sydney puts on a glittering festival of light, art, technology, music and culture: Vivid Sydney. For three weeks city streets, iconic buildings and harbor side pathways are transformed into exciting installations and events. As the public festival rounds up this week, we’re taking a look back at its shining stars. From fields…

  • Cover Picture: Bitcoin Art: ‘Bitcoin 2018!’ By Jp Malot, acrylic, collage, watercolor, graffiti, felt, ink on paper, 70x50cm. Available for purchase on Singulart. Screenshot: Singulart.
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    Buying in Bitcoin: The Future of Art?

    Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency… within a short space of time, these terms have risen to the forefront of discussions about the future of technology in business, finance, government and life. Their emergence has been met with wide-ranging reactions, from alarmist objections to fervent excitement. So what does this new digital technology mean for the art world? After some initial hype, the…

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    5 Queer Artists Here to Set the World on Fire

    It’s Pride Month y’all! To celebrate, Singulart brings you a visual charcuterie board of talented queer artists here to shake up perspectives and interrogate the way we see the world. At Singulart, we understand the role that art can play in supporting social movements. We’re passionate about uplifting the voices, stories and artwork of diverse artists from around the globe.…

  • Crowds massed in front of Mona Lisa. Photo: Getty Images GETTY
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    It’s “Suffocating”: Louvre Museum Staff Stage Walkout to Protest Overwhelming Visitor Numbers

    On Monday early this week, Louvre staff staged a walkout to protest what has been described as the increasingly unmanageable working conditions at the museum. Hundreds of tourists were left waiting in the rain when the museum failed to open Monday morning. Since 2009, museum attendance has increased by 20% while staff numbers have dropped from 2,161 to 2,005. Last…

  • Sumsung's new AI can animate a face using a single photo
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    See Mona Lisa speak with Samsung’s new AI

    This week, Samsung’s research center in Moscow, Russia announced that they have successfully developed a new AI that can create movable avatars of photos and paintings using a single photo. While creating AI avatars by sourcing images is not new, this is the first time that a relatively clear avatar has been created using very few reference images. Typically, creating…