Women in Art

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    Female collectors: Inspiring portraits

    Women have long collected artworks and been a vital pillar in support of artistic creation. However, they are frequently forgotten in art history, which has typically stated that collecting is the prerogative of men. Today, women’s roles and importance in the art world are finally put in the spotlight and honoured in exhibitions, such as the show at the Grand…

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    Female Artists That Made History Through the Ages

    Let’s take this opportunity to brush up on our art history and get to know some of the women who have changed the art world forever. SINGULART is taking this week to highlight and celebrate women in art thanks to the event “Through Her Eyes“. In order to celebrate the women that are currently shaping our view of the world,…

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    Double Tap: Women in the Art World to Follow on Instagram

    Entry into the art world can seem impossible for many. Thankfully there are women who have a seat at the table and show us the behind the scenes. SINGULART has put together a list of 15 Instagram accounts to follow for perspectives from artists, critics, collectors, and more. Before you start scrolling be sure to follow @singulartofficial to stay updated…