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    Address Book: Tokyo

    One of the world’s biggest concrete jungles, Tokyo is many things. A consumerist dream with its mega department stores and endless pop culture paraphernalia, a historical hub with its centuries of cultural richness, a sensory overload with its flashing lights and all-hours orchestra of city sounds. With so much to do and see, it can be hard to prioritize artistic…

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    This Paris Collective is Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Art

    Mention the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) and you’re bound to inspire a few familiar responses: the inquisitive raise of an eyebrow, light-hearted references to sci-fi films, perhaps a robot joke or two. Introduce the idea of AI in the context of art and reactions will likely turn more extreme. Are machines set to replace artists? How could AI match up…

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    5 Highlights from Vivid Sydney 2019

    Every year at the onset of Australia’s winter, Sydney puts on a glittering festival of light, art, technology, music and culture: Vivid Sydney. For three weeks city streets, iconic buildings and harbor side pathways are transformed into exciting installations and events. As the public festival rounds up this week, we’re taking a look back at its shining stars. From fields…

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    5 Queer Artists Here to Set the World on Fire

    It’s Pride Month y’all! To celebrate, Singulart brings you a visual charcuterie board of talented queer artists here to shake up perspectives and interrogate the way we see the world. At Singulart, we understand the role that art can play in supporting social movements. We’re passionate about uplifting the voices, stories and artwork of diverse artists from around the globe.…

  • Querschnitt des von Zaha Hadid entworfenen Messner Mountain Museum Corones. Foto via MMM Corones.
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    When Women Build: 4 Famous Women Architects and Their Work

    Architecture has long been a male dominated field – and still is today. At the beginning of 2018, female architects and urban planners in Germany made up just 34 percent of the field. The Pritzker Prize, which has been awarded to the world’s best architects since 1979, has been given to 41 men and only three women. Nonetheless, over the…

  • Statues from Benin and Nigeria at the Musée du Quai Branly, Paris
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    Reparations, Colonization, and the Return of ‘Stolen’ Art to Africa

    “When we reflect on the question of cultural heritage objects, we must understand that it’s not simply objects that were taken, but reserves of energy, creative resources, reservoirs of potentials…and this loss is incommensurable”. -The Restitution of African Cultural Heritage On a mild day in November of 2017, the newly-elected French president Emmanuel Macron strode into the main amphitheater of…

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    Focus on the painter Danja Akulin

    Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I am a Berlin-based artist, born in St. Petersburg, Russia. I finished both, my bachelor and master studies in Fine Arts, at the UdK (University for Arts in Berlin). I studied under Georg Baselitz and Daniel Richter. I’ve been exhibiting since 2002 all over Europe, in the USA, and in Russia. Why…

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    The photographer Abdo Shanan

    How did you find your voice as an artist? Actually in art I have found my voice as a human before the artist I am nowdays. Before I get into photography I had so much to say about the worldaround me, so many ideas from different perspectives, only I was too afraidto express myself out loud. I was afraid to…