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  • Jaime Mendieta Plata
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    Meet the SINGULART Family: Jaime Mendieta Plata

    As an online art gallery, SINGULART’s strength lies in its services, which sometimes means that our team is hidden in the background. We want to change this with our series: Meet the SINGULART Team. SINGULART is a French startup that counts internationalism among its core beliefs. Therefore, we have created this space so that our team members can share their…

  • Body Confident
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    Body positivity: Do people in the U.S. feel body confident?

    Many aspects of art are rooted in body confidence. Consider the person who models for your soon to be award-winning sculpture and those who volunteer to feature in nude life drawings to bring your pieces to life. But in the U.S., it seems there is still a widespread issue when it comes to feeling body confident, and truly loving ourselves…

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    SINGULART’s 4th Birthday: Creative Joy

    To celebrate four years of empowering artists worldwide, we launched a special curated collection entitled Creative Joy. A couple of weeks ago we asked our artists with a call for artworks for their creations linked to this joyful topic. Our curators decided on a handpicked selection. In celebration of SINGULART’s anniversary, we would like to thank you for your loyalty over…

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    Interview with the Founders of SINGULART

    SINGULART was founded four years ago thanks to the collaboration between Denis Fayolle, Véra Kempf and Brice Lecompte; three passionate Cofounders looking to disrupt the art market. “Digital is a great equalizer. I’ve enjoyed putting my digital skills to use in order to promote artists around the world.” Brice Lecompte The company’s aim was simple from the beginning: empower artists…

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    Meet SINGULART- Kim Bian

    This week, Kim Bian, Social Media Marketing Manager at SINGULART, tells us about her life. About Kim Bian Nurtured by her curiosity, her sense of people, and her desire to discover the world, Kim grew up in Wuhan in the province of Hubei! As a child, following her mother’s advice, she tried her hand at several artistic and sporting activities,…

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    Charity Auction for AMREF

    In Conversation with Eva Soubielle & Hubert Chauvet, Marketing Manager & General Secretary of AMREF France From May 9 to 16, 2021, SINGULART and its artists will donate their profits to AMREF France on the occasion of a charity auction. SINGULART shares the same values as AMREF: gender equality, cultural diversity, and equal opportunity. We are proud to carry the…

  • Peggy Guggenheim
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    Female collectors: Inspiring portraits

    Women have long collected artworks and been a vital pillar in support of artistic creation. However, they are frequently forgotten in art history, which has typically stated that collecting is the prerogative of men. Today, women’s roles and importance in the art world are finally put in the spotlight and honoured in exhibitions, such as the show at the Grand…

  • Carlos Cabral Nunes and his artists
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    Ode to Love

    In art as in love, everything starts with an encounter. It is this encounter that is at the origin of the most unforgettable artistic relationships. This Valentine’s Day, Singulart shares the most beautiful love stories from our exclusive partnership with the Perve Gallery in Lisbon. These stories are an ode to artistic love. Indeed, our selection presents the paths of…

  • Front page
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    Meet the Singulart Family: Jason Zanweah

    As an online art gallery, Singulart’s strength lies in its services, which can sometimes seem like you don’t see the team in the background. We want to change this with our new series “Meet the Singulart Team”. We are a French startup that counts diversity and internationalism among its core strengths. Here we will share our exciting stories from our…

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    5 Minutes with Gary Komarin

    Gary Komarin is an internationally acclaimed artist whom Singulart is extremely pleased to welcome! This week, we had the chance to talk to Gary about his career and artistic influences which we share in this interview. When did you know you wanted to be an artist? “Art and all that goes with it chose me as much as I chose…