A Day With Susan Washington

  Susan Washington’s serene Poconos mountain surroundings are a far cry from the hustle and bustle of her New York upbringing. With a godmother that taught her origami techniques as a child, a punk-flavored city[…]

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A Day With Erick Artik

  It’s time to step into Erick Artik’s moonlit, vibrant and positively pop-flavored studio. Fascinated by pop culture icons and committed to cleverly combining them with interesting broader messages, he’s bringing street art into the[…]

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My Hometown: Stephen Rowe

This interview features as the first in our new series – My Hometown.   Broken Hill isn’t especially known for breeding ballet dancers-turned-visual artists. But this is exactly the path Stephen Rowe found himself on. From[…]

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Meet the artist Eva Paar

Brief introduction of yourself. Talking about oneself is always difficult for me. I am me I paint in traditional oil techniques but in a different style. People have to go away from my paintings to[…]

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Ofir Dor for Singulart !

Where comes your inspiration from? Inspiration I find in anything that has life, power, spirit, truth and reality in it. What does it mean to you to make art? It means taking something personal, private,[…]

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