Recap: Singulart in 2020

Traditionally, Singulart celebrates each end of the year in the company of our artists with a grand event, like we did in 2019. This year, we had the opportunity to bring the event online!

During a one-hour livestream event on December 10th, Singulart’s Cofounder Véra Kempf was joined by her colleagues, to share our big moments and achievements of the past year, and our future projects in 2021. Let’s take a look!

Véra during the livestream event

“We’ve seen important growth in the past year” – Véra, co-founder of Singulart

In 2020, Singulart raised 10 million euro’s in investment to further develop its business worldwide. Despite the difficulties the pandemic has put forward this year, Singulart takes on the challenge and continues to work towards empowering artists through digitalizing their careers.

The development of the company can be demonstrated through simple numbers. Our team has grown from 20 to 85-people strong, the number of monthly visitors to the site has doubled since last year to 2 million people per month, and the number of artworks sold per month tripled compared to last year.

We also saw two international markets surge. The US and Japan became two of our top 5 markets in 2020, marking once more the international outlook of our business.

In the new year, 2021, Singulart will focus on developing our brand and our community. Véra shared two exciting updates for January: a new section on the platform dedicated to events such as auctions and special promotions, as well as our first residency program for artists. More information will come in the new year!

Jean-Baptiste Merieux, Head of Artist Liaison

“Our team of Artist Liaisons will assist you even better in the coming new year.” – Jean-Baptiste, Head of Artist Liaison

In the past year, our team of Artist Liaisons has also doubled in size. With more hands-on-deck, we hope to provide more personalized and attentive service to our artists. We continued to carry out a strict selection process for the new artists who joined us this year – and also a third of them have sold their first piece with us!

Apart from that, we wanted to innovate our ways of communication with artists. This year, we’ve hosted more than 30 livestream meet-up events in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian & Dutch. More than 2000 artists joined and interacted with us.

With 137 different nationalities amongst our artists, we need to attend to everyone’s needs and expectations. We launched our annual survey, and we’re happy to see that the overall artist satisfaction has improved since last year. But we also hear your concerns and problems. We will focus on improving the video uploading process, the pre-sale negotiation process, and giving you more professional advice about art promotion.

2021 will be about “quality” for the team Artist Liaison. We’ll focus on creating more value for our existing artists. And together with our tech team, we’ll focus on creating a website algorithm that favours each artist with their uniqueness, and display their artworks fairly and effectively to our collectors.

Juliane Wilhelm, Head of Operations

“We cannot be happier to share with you the amazing sales results from 2020. And we’re well equipped to face the growth in 2021” – Juliane, Head of Operations

With the global trends of digitalization, Singulart was able to achieve a 300% year-on-year growth in sales in 2020. This is thanks to the creativity of our artists and their trust in our platform.

To cope with this growth in demand, the team of operations has undergone a renovation. Our teams of art advisors and logistics managers are today specialized and more international. We boast 20 different international languages in our team to assist clients from different continents. This year, our clients have given us the highest satisfaction score to date, marking the true success of our efforts in improving our customer service quality.

We’ve also taken a closer look at our processes, and made them more efficient and personable. For example, in 2020, our artists can respond to client offers faster and more autonomously; our telephone operations are more streamlined.

In the coming year, the operations team will focus on maintaining our service level to cater to our clientele. We will continue to strengthen the in-house structure to deal with the numerous buyer’s requests. And we will develop a 24-hour support system to further improve the communication efficiency for our clients and the artists.

Martin Lechaptois, Head of Engineering

“The technology is at the center of a digital business. Our tech team is at the service of our artists.” – Martin, Head of Engineering

The developers of Singulart are often the unsung heroes. They created our website, the artist pages, and the processes that allow the clients to purchase the artworks of our artists.

In 2020, we launched the Singulart website in Dutch, adding to the existing list of English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese & Korean, pushing our business one step further to the global stage. Other processes were refined to make it easier for our users. For example, the option to purchase a custom frame.

Most importantly, we’ve been hard at work to refine our algorithm. It allows each client to see a version of our website that is tailored to their taste and their wishes. This is how Singulart can use the power of digitalization to empower artists and connect them with the right collector from across the world. In the coming year, we’ll continue to perfect this algorithm so that it benefits every artist fairly, no matter what style, technique, or price point they have.

To aid our branding department in launching more initiatives such as charity sales and auctions, we’ll be creating a new section on our website called “Live Events”. This is going to open new possibilities for Singulart to have an impact on the art market in 2021.

It sure has been an eventful year. It has been an honor and a great joy to be able to stand with our artists in 2020. We’ve seen how art can be a symbol of connection and love in this period of separation. We have the conviction and the motivation to continue our mission of “Empower Artists” in the new year.

To the artists, the collector, and the fans of Singulart: thank you for your love and support. We wish you a happy holiday, and a great new year 2021.

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