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Elevate Your Interiors With Sculptures

Long-overshadowed by paintings, sculptures are all too often overlooked as showpieces for the home. They’re forced to play second fiddle to oils and acrylics, frequently ignored by interior design magazines and absent from the art wishlists of many.

Today, we’re here to change that! Here’s why you should consider investing in sculptures for your interior spaces:

A Closer Match to Your Furniture

Chances are your furniture is already packing a sculptural punch; you just might not know it yet! To bring out the curve of a chair or the sleek edges of a table; the movement of a ceiling lamp or the polish of a wooden mantelpiece, invest in a sculptural piece that will compliment whichever element you wish to accentuate.

Add Depth and Dimension

Keep walls bare while still making an impact with eye-popping sculptures that provide dynamic depth and movement to your interior spaces. Whether an elegant, towering structure that mimics the movements of nature or a Pop Art-style show-stopper, sculptures are the perfect source for bringing more energy into your home.

Do More With Less

When decorating their homes, some people choose to embark on big projects that result in a strong visual impact, such as the creation of a gallery wall, while others prefer to achieve the same result with single statement pieces. For the latter, sculptures fit the bill: with just one artwork, you can watch your living room or entry way transform into a space with an undeniable artistic footprint. There’s no need to be an art or interior design whiz here; the sculpture will do all the work for you.

Don’t Forget About The Walls

A sculpture doesn’t have to mean a marble structure placed on the floor in a living area. Wall sculptures provide the opportunity to re-invent what you expect for your interior spaces. Replace a traditional oil landscape painting with a three-dimensional work of art, and watch as it instantly adds powerful texture from unexpected places.

Ready to begin stacking up your sculpture collection? Start here!

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