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Artists to Watch in 2020

Start a new decade of art collecting off on the right foot by investing in promising artists set to make moves on the market in 2020. Here are your Artists to Watch:

Pieter Ceizer

“I project what I live in my head and it becomes real. Words trigger a thought, an energy, and we get where we want to go.

Pieter Ceizer is galvanizing the art market with his colorful letters. Last year, major international auction house Sotheby’s invited him to inaugurate their contemporary art sale ‘NOW!’ Some of the world’s most famous brands and events are already commissioning pieces from Ceizer, among them Air France, Coca Cola, and international Art Fairs in Amsterdam, Strasbourg and Miami!


“I create what I create because there is something powerful about the mystery, spirituality and essence of the mask, the face and hieroglyphs.

Based in Kenya, young street artist Wise Two has already exhibited his impressive paintings in galleries in Paris, London and Berlin. His works have been commissioned by famous brands and luxury hotels, and his unique style combining street art and ancient African mask culture is full of mystery and beauty. CNN even ran a full report on him last year. We truly believe in his potential on the international art market.

Anne Juliette Deschamps

I’m a visual artist exploring form and color through works that invite contemplation, composed of sculptures and paintings interacting within scenographic installations.

Anne Juliette Deschamps is an exciting French painter and sculptor who has exhibited her work internationally, including in the US, Belgium, the UK, Italy, South Korea and France. Working from a particular sensibility, she produces sculptures, paintings and drawings that balance natural elements with projections of human interpretation. Her intimate and pure universe has already attracted the attention of major auction houses such as Christie’s!

David David

Work seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously.

David David is a French sculptor and painter with an unmistakable style. His monumental sculptures in the south of France have been the subject of impressive press coverage and public attention. His figures are metaphors of the contemporary artist, and act as funny satires of modern society. Having established a strong presence in young European art fairs, David David now has his sights set across the sea; this winter, his work will be exhibited in Miami, USA.


Nasty is a pioneer of graffiti art in France. His work has been the subject of high profile collaborations, including with Azzaro in Canada (Toronto and Montreal), a successful art fair in the Netherlands and many new projects in progress! Already famous in France with an exhibition at Le Grand Palais and La Pinocothèque de Paris, this artist is full of international promise!

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