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5 Contemporary Australian Artists to Watch

Given the recent turmoil of the Australian bushfires, all of us at Singulart want to show our support by highlighting the work of five contemporary Australian artists to watch in 2020. These artists all share a motivation to create from within, expressing their inner worlds and outside observations. From abstract landscapes to coastal scenes, these talented painters bring the treasures of their home country to life on canvas. Discover their work and bask in the natural beauty of the land down under.

Tania Chanter

“Painting is a source of endless inspiration and satisfaction, and provides a wonderful avenue of self expression that can be shared.”

Tania Chanter is a passionate Australian painter who has exhibited her work nationally. With a long-held desire to express the emotions she feels from nature, she composes works that convey the depth and richness of colors, the complexity of the sky and the romance and drama of storms, oceans and sunlight. She draws inspiration from unique Australian landscapes and works intuitively, guided by her emotions and the inner peace painting affords her. Chanter’s resulting acrylic works are alluring, sensory, and full of energy.

Tania Chanter, Scorched Horizon (2020)

Stephen Graham

Stephen Graham is an established Australian painter with national exposure. He is interested in the everyday graphics and symbols that are found in both urban design and advertising, attempting to distill these images into his paintings. Graham believes that these images, which we generally take for granted or even fail to notice, influence our lives in some way. His task is to present them in a form that is both creative and provocative.

Stephen Graham, Birch Forest

Vanessa Mae

“My creativity is inspired by my personal experiences and feelings from within.”

Vanessa Mae is an accomplished Australian artist whose works have been exhibited in Sydney. As a self-taught painter with a background in architecture, she composes works that shift in style from semi-abstract to realist to impressionist. Her oceanic series immerses the viewer in bright blues and rippling waves, often captured from the unique perspective of a bird’s eye view. Mae’s overall practice is based on an intuitive layering process where she builds up the textures on canvas until it feels just right.

Vanessa Mae, BACKWASH (2019)

Joseph Villanueva

Joseph Villanueva is an experienced artist from Australia whose paintings have been exhibited nationally and are held in private collections around the world. With a background in architecture, Villanueva defined his painting style as inspired by his surroundings and the sensation of colors and textures. His bright acrylic works are impressionistic and characterized by elements of nature, from botanical close-ups and lily ponds, to tall trees and wide open fields.

Trisha Lambi

When I paint, I am taken on a journey, sometimes unwelcome and heartbreaking, sometimes joyous, but always illuminating.”

Trisha Lambi is a passionate Australian painter whose works have been exhibited internationally. She often portrays women, accompanied by delicate shadows and framed from intriguing perspectives. In her practice, Lambi likes to use her hands to blend the paint, considering that this earthy involvement with the medium contributes to the sensuality of her resulting works.

Trisha Lambi, Taurus Rising (2019)

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