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Singulart’s Art Collectors – Monica Langfritz

Kunstsammlerin Monica Langfritz

Singulart is proud to present its art collectors, who give works of art a new home supporting artists and the art market in the process and reinforce our mission. Singulart was pleased to talk to Monica Langfritz about her passion for culture and the family tradition of collecting art.

Monica Langfritz inherited her passion for art and culture from her mother and passed it on to her two daughters. Since her retirement, the former IT manager at ETH Zurich has devoted herself entirely to culture, theatre and her golf. In an interview with Singulart, she describes how she came to collect art and why she is fond of artists from Switzerland in particular.

Monica Langfritz mit Kunstwerken von Arlette Zurbuchen
Monica with two works by Singulart artist Arlette Zurbuchen.

Why do you collect art?

My grandparents were already art collectors and after their death we inherited works of art that were to remain in our family’s possession. Art changes and reflects the time in which it is collected. But back to your question about the reason – I have not yet asked myself this question. I think, for me, there is simply no other way.

My grandparents died in the 1980s. I was in Canada at the time and was dealing with North American artists. Unfortunately, the estate was distributed without me, but when I returned to Switzerland I held a portfolio of fascinating and important works of art. There were many copper engravings with hunting motifs among them, as well as Japanese art.

Monica Langfritz Wohnung
Back-left painting by Arlette Zurbuchen, the painting on the right by Gecca.

What kind of art are you interested in, Mrs Langfritz?

I live a very active life in my community and know the people in my area. I know the social structures as well as the needs and fears of individual groups. That’s why I understand the art of Swiss artists very well and that’s exactly what attracts me to it.

Wohnung von Monica Langfritz
Das Kunstwerk links ist von Monicas Tochter, die gerahmte Zeichnung ist ein Werk des Clowns Dimitri.

Please tell us about your first work of art?

One of the first works of art I acquired was by the Swiss clown Dimitri. I saw Dimitri for the first time when I was eight years old. He was the only one in the audience to shake my hand, an event that left a lasting impression on me. Three performances and several years later, I not only got the last handshake, but also a rose from him. Unfortunately, he passed away only a short time later.

Another storied signature is that of the artist Marc Chagall. I did my training with a Swiss doctor and one of his clients was the artist himself. One day he came with a signed print to thank me!

Moinca Langfritzs Bild von Marc Chagall
Signature of Marc Chagall: “1978 For Monica Gütermann – in remembrance – Marc Chagall!”

A few quick questions to conclude:

If you have all the money in the world, which artist would you like to include in your collection?

Joan Miró

Which artists have you discovered recently?

Nadine Caplunik and her daughter Debby Caplunik

Three artworks that caught your eye on Singulart:

A big thank you to Monica Langfritz for the insight into her life and her passion of collecting art. If you want to discover Swiss artists on Singulart, you will find inspiration here.