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Meet the Singulart team – David Ortegón

Singulart’s strength lies in its amazing artists and fantastic customer service, sometimes we forget those behind the scenes which make all this happen. Through this new series “Meet Singulart” we want to readdress this balance and introduce you to some of the experienced, dynamic and fun faces around the Singulart office. As a French start-up which counts diversity and internationalism among its fundamental values, we have a truly international team who come from a range of backgrounds and all have interesting stories to share. Discover why each of us has made Paris and Singulart our home. This week, David Ortegón, Artist Liaison, tells us about his work at Singulart

After growing up in Colombia, David always had aspirations to work in luxury goods. After completing university in Italy and learning the ropes at his family logistics company in Colombia, David decided to move to France to continue his studies. After undertaking an internship with Singulart David joined the Artist Liaison team to work with our growing cohort of South American artists.

David Ortegón with NASTY, un street artist et graffeur présent chez Singulart

About David

David Ortegón grandit en Colombie, à Bogota, il y fait des études en business management et profite d’un échange universitaire pour filer en Italie. Amoureux de l’Italie, il y reste pour commencer sa carrière professionnelle dans une entreprise qui édite un logiciel de gestion. David Ortegón rentre en Colombie pour aider l’entreprise de logistique de sa famille qui s’occupe du transport de marchandises à travers le pays. Après une deuxième expérience infructueuse en logistique en Colombie, il décide de venir vivre en France.

When he moved to Paris in 2016, David had no experience of French culture or language, though he soon learned his way around the capital working as a logistics agent. After a brief move back to Colombia David decided to base himself permanently in France and was drawn to the luxury arts and design sector. After completing a Masters in Luxury Marketing and Management he took on a internship position at Singulart.

David loves to meet people of other nationalities and to learn about their cultures and backgrounds. He is always curious about the cultural differences that make every country unique. As an avid video gamer, David enjoys keeping in touch with his Colombian friends. A great lover of music, he can often be found with his headphones on sharing his passion for Latin, Jazz, Reggae, techno … with those sitting in close proximity!

David’s journey with Singulart

After an internship at Singulart, he decided to stay in the art market and develop his career as an Artist Liaison. His role is to identify upcoming artists from around the world, contact them and offer them to the opportunity to join Singulart.

I really enjoy working with artists and trying to understand their process, why they chose their particular medium and inspiration behind their artworks. I love building relationships with these artists helping them grow and develop.

Initially as the only Spanish speaker on the Artist Liaison team, David was at the forefront for on-boarding our Italian and Spanish-speaking artists. This was a great way to learn more about the ethos of Singulart and online art world. Today, he on-boards artists from all over the world, keeping a soft spot for the Colombian artists.

Three questions for David

What attracted you to a career in the arts?

At first, I was quite curious about the art market. What I really appreciate is the unique and sensitive aspects of art. In this market, the personal appreciation of the collector is paramount. Individual sensitivities are at the heart of the exchange, everyone has a unique approach to growing his or her collection.

What do you see in the future for Singulart?

I love the international aspect of Singulart, everyday I work with artists from over 28 different countries, with whom I get to chat with every day. It is one of my biggest motivations to get out of bed every morning, I am a very curious person and love getting to know our artists and other colleagues from across the Singulart team.

How do you see Singularts future?

I am so inspired by our growth and the evolution of the team. In the future I can see us establishing offices internationally, we have a global ambition but strong core values. Staying true to our founding principles. Personally I would like to see us expand our portfolio of South American artists, to help them gain exposure in the art market, especially those in my native Colombia.

Discover David’s three favorite Singulart works