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8 Singulart Artists to Follow on Instagram

At Singulart, our aim is to give artists the opportunity to exhibit their art to an international audience. In times of social distancing, an online presence for artists has become more important than ever. It is a way to stay in touch with art lovers, collectors and other artists around the globe. Instagram has become an important channel for artists to share their personal stories with their community. Followers get a glimpse into an artist’s daily routine. They can participate in the creative process, get updates about projects, stay up-to-date on recent and upcoming exhibitions and learn more about the artist behind the art. We would like to highlight eight artists whose Instagram accounts are exciting glimpses into the lives of Singulart artists. Let’s have a look at the 8 Singulart artists to follow on Instagram! Don’t forget to follow @wesingulart for more exciting art from our talented artists from all around the world.

Canal Cheong Jagerroos


Canal Cheong Jagerroos is based in Shanghai and Helsinki. Her abstract artworks connect the past with the present and the East with the West. Jagerroo’s uses her compositions to reinvent the signs, language, and symbols of traditional Chinese art. Large-scale paintings captivate the viewer’s gaze and every layer of paint draws us deeper into the artistic world of Canal Cheong Jagerroos. On her Instagram account, she gives us insight into her creative process. From studio to exhibition views, she is the first to share her newly published catalog or videos of her work in progress.

Derrick Santini


The talented English photographer Derrick Santini captures the human being in all its conditions through his beautiful work. He also explores lenticular photography in search of abstraction and serendipity in the process. He visualizes the immateriality, transformation, and transience of smoke that are emblematic of life. On his Instagram account, you can see many of his archive photographs. He has photographed world-famous stars like Jamiroquai, Rhianna and Lilly Allen. From magazines to album covers, there’s little Satini hasn’t done in his career.

Richard J. Olivier


The English artist Richard J. Olivier, based in the USA, has dedicated himself to landscape painting. In his plein air paintings, he explores the physical nature of landscapes and humanity’s relationship to them. In his work, he invites us into the fertile, Mediterranean landscapes of southern France or the rugged, romantic coastline with its vast sandy beaches of northern France. On his Instagram account, he shares with his community new projects. We can follow the progress and admire impressive time-lapse shots of his creations as well as shots of his easel in the most enchanting places where he captures his inspirations on canvas.

Viet Ha Tran


Viet Ha Tran is a Vietnamese photographer based in Spain. In her photography series, she conveys the authentic and traditional atmosphere of Vietnam, be it with Vietnamese portraits of women or the lotus, the national symbolic flower of Vietnam she skillfully sets in the scene and interprets in a modern way. Her award-winning piece The Lotus Lake was featured in @vanityfairfrance and she has shot for @vogueitalia. These are just some of the many highlights you can discover on her profile.

Claudia Ahrens


German artist Claudia Ahrens captures cities around the world in richly colored paintings. From Mexico to Colombia and Germany, we see city scenes from the perspective of a happy explorer. In her art, she expresses a joie de vivre and energy that is infectious to the viewer. On her Instagram you can follow her work routine, her painting process and pictures from her travels inspiring constantly her creations.

Michael Ryan


Michael Ryan, an artist living in the Netherlands, is a keen observer inspired by the relationship between light and color. Abstract landscapes, still life, and interior scenes with their protagonists can be found in his oeuvre. On Instagram, you can discover his extensive portfolio full of his atmospheric compositions. He shares his daily routine, inspirations and processes with his community.

Eva Volf Seascapes


“The Ocean contains the wisdom of life in its intricate foam patterns and secretive depths; its infinitely changing character is a useful metaphor to keep life in perspective.” Eva’s artist statement perfectly sums up the passion she feels for the ocean. Not only as an artistic inspiration but also as a metaphor for her life. The power and beauty of the sea, which is always in motion and transformation, is remarkably captured in her oil paintings. On Instagram, Eva shares her process, which always begins with sketching on the beach as well as the wonderful news that her work The Sun’s Blessing was featured in @britishvogue.

Arozarena De La Fuente


Arozarena De La Fuente, a Mexican artist duo works in a variety of media. Sculptures, textile works, and paintings can be found in their oeuvre. They create works such as a large-scale triptych with cacti painted on many open books arranged in a square. They have given a second life to books found in antique bookshops all over Mexico City. Discover more impressive works on their Instagram