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November Issue: New Art

We are getting closer to winter and it is time to cozy up while getting inspired by our talented artists. This November issue features new art from Michael Ryan, Hélène Jacqz, Richard J Oliver, Marc Rayner and Victor Popov. We are pleased to present you with their three new artworks for Singulart! Discover different media such as painting and sculpture. Discover energetic abstraction, calming views of nature, raw and organic style sculptures, as well as minimalist essentials. Immerse yourself in the diversity of our international artists and follow them on Singulart to get the latest updates!

Michael Ryan

New York-born artist Michael Ryan has lived and worked in the Netherlands for many years. Looking at his works, one notices a special colourfulness that is inherent in all his works. The loose brushwork, paired with the coloring, creates atmospherically charged scenes. His series “Interiors” is a mixture of Hopper’s lonely figures, coupled with the perception of an impression without narrative. The use of light and color washes away the loneliness and leaves us with a satisfied, calm mood. This feeling extends throughout his art. Ryan’s new art for Singulart shows us these aspects: The meditative silence when looking at the first light of the sun in the morning on a water garden, impressions of a cypress landscape in Italy or a still life in dynamic brushstrokes that unfolds its balance in composition, color and light conditions. Follow the link and hit the follow button to learn more about Michel Ryan’s soulful layered works!

Hélène Jacqz

The French abstract painter Hélène Jacqz has created a unique style by exploring materials, tools and techniques. She creates her own colors and brushes, with which she achieves an effect that allows her to create a continuous brushstroke even on large format paintings. This has the effect that her works have a formal coherence and seem to dance across the paper or canvas. The latest paintings “Suite simple 4 and 5”, as well as the series “Danse avec les coleurs” give impressive evidence of this. Ornamental aesthetics can be found in “Turlurette”, a new acrylic painting by Jacqz. The composition is built up by a recurring motif. On a white background, a dynamic brush stroke dances in red and white. The color red creates energy, the white blends in with the background and adds brightness to the arrangement. This is rounded off by blue, translucent, organic circles. It’s an illustration of a musical composition, which carries cheerfulness and lightness in itself. Discover Jacqz’s multilayered work with us and don’t forget to follow her to always stay up to date on new art!

Richard J Oliver

English artist Richard J Oliver, has dedicated his art to landscape painting. More precisely, En plein air, a painting in which artists depict a “piece of nature” in the open air with natural light and shadowy conditions, capturing the natural colors of the landscape in question. Richard J Oliver has an eye for these kinds of details, which are extremely important to bringing life and atmosphere to a painting. In his new creations, the artist takes us to France. His paintings are windows into an idyllic landscape of the Provence or to the headlands on the coast of the French Channel, the Cap Blanc-Nez. Both paintings are not purely landscape paintings, they still deal with the human being who populates this nature.  Piturekse villages are embedded in nature. Today, with a pandemic that makes travelling almost impossible Oliver’s works demonstrate the importance of art as an outlook of the world and at the same time insight into one’s soul. Immerse yourself in the idyllic sphere of Richard J Oliver and follow him to get the freshest updates on this work!

Marc Rayner

Marc Rayner is an Australian based artist who was born in Sweden. He expresses his creativity not only through the medium of painting but also through sculpture. His style is art-historically classified as Art brut or, in the Anglo-American world, better known as Outsider Art. His sculptures are new creations composed of materials that he has collected over the years.  All sculptures are made from the wood of old furniture, old shoes, clay, an old lake bed, nails from old wood, antique textiles and many other recycled materials. In this way the artist gives old, unused things new value, a second life and by way of that, turns his sculptures into incredible unique pieces. Rayner’s sculptures are part of a series of 24 small sculptures, all of which have a raw and organic feel. They have titles like “The big man”, “Mr. In-between” or “Rambling man” and are partly self-ironic and encourage self-reflexivity.  Let yourself be captured by Rayner’s multidisciplinary work. Hit the follow this artist button to never miss out on the newest artworks!

Victor Popov

Victor Popov is a German painter and sculptor with Kazakh roots. His artistic origins go back to Constructivism and Suprematism, both art movements that had their beginnings in the Soviet Union and are non-representational as a form of expression. Constructivism does not use abstraction because it is not based on figuration. Rather, it is based on the principle of geometric-technical design. The constructivist vocabulary of forms consists of color blocking, lines and geometric shapes. In his painting and sculpture Popov deals with objective ideas. His compositions are defined by design principles of order and clarity. His new sculptures for Singulart are called “Blue”, “The Moving Man” and “The Rabbit”, which impressively show the essence of reduction to the simplest geometric forms while staying dynamic and playful.  They invite the viewer to look and see beyond. Swap in Victor Prokov’s diversified oeuvre, which also taps into influences of Cubism and Futurism. Make sure to follow him in order to never miss updates on his work!