8 Chinese Artists to Look Out For

Jia Yuan Hua

I love traditional Chinese culture. I especially love historical sites, they are so beautiful, not only because they are old and have thousands years of history, but because they house traditional culture.

The Chinese artist Jia Yuan Hua works mainly in oil and acrylic painting with a focus on traditional architectural and decorative Chinese motifs. After graduating from Beijing Union University in 2003, Jia Yuan Hua started a career as a computer specialist. He later uncovered his passion for art while helping out in his wife’s gallery. Being surrounded by art inspired him to pursue being a professional artist.

Historical Chinese sites and traditional architecture inspire Hua not only because of their monumental character but because they illustrate the history and passing down of traditions in Chinese culture.

Dake Wong

There are a limited number of paintings I can create in my life, so I just enjoy the act of painting with the time I’m lucky enough to have.

Dake Wong is an exciting Chinese artist who has participated in a range of exhibitions in Beijing. Jumping between realistic still life paintings and various street art styles, he creates striking, detailed, impressively intricate works that reflect on a country full of intriguing contradictions. Whether it’s realistic painting or stencil graffiti, he doesn’t abide by any single technique but rather uses whatever comes naturally to him in order to best express his message.

Kaixuan Feng

Trained in both traditional Chinese painting and contemporary art, my work creates a melding of these two influences.

Kaixuan Feng is an established Chinese artist whose work has been widely exhibited throughout France. With expertise in everything from photography to textile work, calligraphy to painting, the multi-talented Feng takes a versatile approach to her creation of striking representations of the human body. Her works are marked by forces of power, movement, and humanity.

Yangbo Zhou

Yangbo Zhou, born in 1981, is a contemporary Chinese painter who specializes in traditional Chinese painting and also teaches in several academies of fine art in his home country. He has taken part in many art exhibitions both nationally and internationally and has won several awards. Yangbo’s works have been collected by various companies and international art collectors.

Jing X Hu

Art has been my visual journal. It depicts disparate elements in my life that are inspired by specific people and places

Jing X Hu is an emerging artist from China whose paintings have been exhibited internationally. Working in acrylic and graphite on canvas, she paints detailed interiors and intricate patterns that explore themes of flux, migration, and urban life.

Min Zou

Art is meant to heal and purify hearts and souls. The core value of art is to promote the progress of human society.

Min Zou is a prize-winning Chinese artist whose work has enjoyed international acclaim. Having previously earned a MA, Zou’s work is deeply inspired by her combined love of the sciences and the exploration of humanities. Her works are a reflection of her search for truth, goodness, beauty, and her sincere appreciation for nature. Her works vary from simple, abstract figures, to bold, overwhelming canvases of color.

Feng Liu

Because I grew up in the mountains as a child and lived in Xiamen for a long time after graduating from university, I particularly like to paint mountains and the sea.

Liu Feng, graduated from Fujian Arts and Crafts School in 1984. He was then assigned by the state to work in Zhangping Artificial Marble Factory where he began to study the art of stone powder painting. Today he creates artificial marble painting (or artificial marble decorative painting, stone powder painting) made with natural stone powder, mineral pigments, iron oxide pigments, and oil paints as his main pigments. He also uses lacquer and oil painted canvas or stone slabs.

Jingyuan Wang

My abstract painting is a subversion of Chinese traditional ink painting and a compliment to the world of abstract art. I used my subconscious mind to explore this vast universe.

Jingyuan Wang is an acclaimed artist from China. His striking paintings are made using Chinese ink and polypropylene, two materials that he says differ greatly from the paints and inks used in typical Western artwork. Wang’s abstract paintings are a complex exploration of lines and colors, reflecting the mutual entanglement and confrontation between human desires and thoughts. The juxtaposition between colors, lines, and shapes in his work reflects the internal conflicts he believes are experienced by all people.

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