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Double Tap: Women in the Art World to Follow on Instagram

Entry into the art world can seem impossible for many. Thankfully there are women who have a seat at the table and show us the behind the scenes. SINGULART has put together a list of 15 Instagram accounts to follow for perspectives from artists, critics, collectors, and more.

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1. @museummammy

@museummammy November 28, 2020

Kimberly Drew aka @museummammy is a writer, curator, activist, and inspiration for many. After receiving a B.A. from Smith College in Art History and African American Studies she made waves in the art world with her blog Black Contemporary Art and via her work in social media at places such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her Instagram is a space to stay informed, inspired, and in the know.

2. @eilen.itzel.mena

@eilen.itzel.mena December 17, 2020

Eilen Itzel Mena is an Afro-Dominican artist based in the US. Her Instagram account is as bright as her incredible work, which focuses on the African-Diaspora through vibrant and expressive compositions. The artist is the co-director of the global artist community “Honey and Smoke”, which aims to create spaces for artists to meditate on important themes.

She was kind enough to create a curated collection for us, which you can view here!

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3. @thewhitepube

@thewhitepube July 5, 2020

The White Pube – Founded by Zarina Muhammad and Gabrielle De La Puente in the UK, the White Pube is a place where you can read everything from art criticism to food thoughts. They are a source of delightfully frank reviews, metacriticism, and they impose a healthy amount of emoji usage that keeps the art world exciting and accessible for all.

4. @canal.cheong.jagerroos

@canal.cheong.jagerroos October 13, 2020

Canal Cheong Jagerroos is one to watch. The artist plays with a fusion of traditionally eastern and western motifs that come together with striking energy. With an enviable studio space, the artist posts content that gives her audience an intimate behind-the-scenes peek into what it means to be an internationally recognized artist today.

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5. @chloewise_

@chloewise_ January 27, 2021

Chloe Wise is the Canadian artist who burst onto the art scene with the immaculate Chanel Bagel Bag in 2014. Since then she has taken Instagram by storm with her quick wit, enviable cat videos, and #wip stories.

6. @kara_walker_official

@kara_walker_official January 26, 2021

Kara Walker is a swiss army knife of talent. Known primarily for her black paper cut-out silhouettes that confront viewers with themes of African American racial identity, she has also made waves with her colossal fountain Fons Americanus at the Tate Modern. Her Instagram is a celebration of her work and a reminder of what must come next.

7. @jordanmcasteel

@jordanmcasteel February 1, 2021

Jordan Casteel is an American artist known for her large-scale figurative paintings of people of color. Her account is a mix of her powerful work and peeks into the artist’s life, which is filled with her community, family, and a nice selfie every now and again.

8. @ebotron

@ebotron September 28, 2020

Ebony L. Haynes has been an art world insider for over a decade. She made a splash in 2020 when it was announced that she would join David Zwirner as a director with the intention of overseeing an all-Black staff. Her mission is to change the art world by creating more spaces for people of color to gain experience in an industry that has traditionally shut them out.

9. @denisedaoart

@denisedaoart November 5, 2020

Denise Rodríguez Dao is a blogger with a law degree who also earned an M.A. in Modern, Contemporary Art and the Market from Christie’s Education. This multi-hyphenate is one to follow to stay up to date on contemporary art with plenty of emphasis on Latin American artists.

10. @viethatranart

@viethatranart January 28, 2021

Viet Ha Tran will mystify you with her photography that seems to go beyond reality to capture something ephemeral. Her inspirations include spirituality, philosophy, classic literature, and Persian mystic poetry. Her Instagram is filled with exciting updates about the artist and, of course, her captivating work.

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11. @karondavis

@karondavis June 11, 2020

Karon Davis is an artist and co-founder of the Underground Museum in Los Angeles, California. She created the space with her husband in order to provide a place outside of the traditional art world where people could see art and support their community. Her Instagram is filled with her powerful work and is sprinkled with a dash of her humor.

12. @desti.knee

@desti.knee January 18, 2021

Destinee Ross-Sutton was the talk of the town when she launched the Christie’s online exhibition “Say It Loud (I’m Black and Proud)” and made it so that each buyer at the show had to sign a contract pledging not to quickly resell the work. The young curator, art advisor, and gallerist has since launched her own gallery which had its first pop-up in SoHo, New York. Follow her to see what will pop up next.

13. @mercedes_lagunas

@mercedes_lagunas February 1, 2021

Mercedes Lagunas is an artist whose work will bring a smile to your face. The artist has done illustration work for magazines such as The New Yorker, and for brands like Hallmark. Her account is full of bright, cheery work that will brighten up your day.

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14. @kylieyingxoxo

@kylieyingxoxo February 8, 2021

Kylie Ying is an art collector, fashion darling, and co-founder of ART021 art fair in Shanghai. Her account is full of artworks from both household names and emerging artists. Follow Ying to get a behind-the-scenes peek of the Chinese art market and just a downright glamorous life.

15. @lauragulshani

@lauragulshani October 25, 2020

Laura Gulshani is a painter and fashion darling based in Paris, France. The Canadian artist has had her work published in publications such as British Vogue, Elle, and has worked with brands like Adidas. Her work is like a spring breeze, one that rocks you to sleep with few cares in the world.

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