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Her World: SINGULART Women Artists on Every Continent

In celebration of International Women’s Day, SINGULART is continuing its focus on Women Artists with a trip around the world! This article is focused on artists who work on separate continents, yet their artistic vision shares a throughline of exploration and artistic excellence.

Asia: Nafiseh Emran

Award-winning Iranian artist Nafiseh Emran creates work that is inspired by the world around her. She taps into a self-described bitter satire that makes up the madness that is humanity. Her series are paired with illustrative storytelling that leads the viewer into her world and perspective. Her work is filled with humor and vibrancy for life.

“I am an artist who tries to introduce you to your own imaginary world by depicting mental and personal spaces.”

– Emran

Emran has exhibited her work in Iran, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Oceania: Emi

“I feel extremely happy when what I paint manifests as an idyll on the canvas I am working on. I then know that I can stop and walk away from it!”

– Emi

Australian-based artist Emi imbues an intense amount of energy into her painting. She does this through a combination of abstraction, ethereal patina, and inspiration from the Australian landscape. Her work has been exhibited across Australia, Japan, and France, where she showcased her mastery of several mediums including silver leaf and sumi ink. Her work explores ideas of the self, heritage, and culture.

Africa: Lola Khalfa

Lola Khalfa is an Algerian photographer who travels between her birthplace and France. The self-taught artist captures scenes that range from social and political tension to ones that are more intimate and self-reflective. Her talent has allowed her to exhibit in Algeria, Cuba, Tunisia, Germany, as well as in le Musée de Bamako in Mali.

“Constructed and deconstructed, such as the image that comes to mind when I think of society and its habitual, unusual, regular and sporadic nature.”

– Khalfa

South America: Rocío Plúas

“The baggage I carry with me as a human being, woman, migrant, and artist is of vital importance when creating an artistic project.”

– Plúas

Rocío Plúas is an Ecuadorian artist whose work explores themes of identity, heritage and home. The artist’s figurative works are full of emotion and soothe the viewer with a sense of tenderness and understanding.

Europe: NouN

“‘I paint the flowers so that they never die’, by Frida Khalo, has become a motivation for my work, a race against time, and the desire to keep a trace.”

– NouN

French artist NouN creates work that tackles questions of identity and the passage of time. Her distinctive figurative works are vibrant and colorful in a way that often brings joy to the viewer. The artist creates compositions that examine what makes up the essence of women, what women express through their bodies, and the uniqueness of each figure. NouN uses acrylics, pencils, felt, and spray paint on canvas or paper.

North America: Javiera Estrada

Mexican-born artist Javiera Estrada is a master of photography. She takes both portraits and fine art photographs. Her work is informed by her early life training in classical music, which created a structure for her aesthetic. Once she moved to the United States, she pursued photography at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles, California, where her practice took on a spiritual element for the artist. When looking at her work, one sees through her eyes a world filled with curiosity.

Estrada has exhibited across the United States, as well as in China, Singapore, Germany, and Switzerland. Her international success continues to grow as we celebrate her work and the work of all of these Women Artists.

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