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SINGULART Collector: Christophe Pinon

In celebration of SINGULART’s fourth anniversary, we turned to our collectors in order to get their perspectives on collecting art online. Today, we spoke with SINGULART Collector Christophe Pinon about his joyful approach to growing his art collection.

It’s a pleasure to meet you, would you please introduce yourself?

The pleasure is all mine! My name is Christophe Pinon, I am a 54 year old manager and for the pasts few years, I’ve been a lover of art.

What sparked your interest in art collecting?

I have attended several biennials at the Grand Palais and make a yearly visit to the SM’ART salon in AIX EN PROVENCE. Over the years, I have felt the urge to acquire unique artwork.

Do you work in the arts?

No, not really, I’m in business and real estate.

Would you call yourself an art collector?

Let’s say I’m a passionate neophyte!

Were you drawn to becoming a SINGULART Collector or did it seem to happen without you realizing it?

I fell in love with artworks in a Charity Candle Auction last year for Doctors of the World. Not only did I appreciate SINGULART’s approach, but I also collected three of the artworks in that sale.

What was your first notable encounter with the art world?

I was first introduced to it through my father’s paintings and drawings. He was a true artist at heart. The first time that I was really struck by an artwork was at the 2016 Sm’Art expo, where I saw work from Stéphane DUBOIS, a contemporary painter, who made fascinating work. I was drawn in by the light and energy that emanated from his piece.

How do you keep your passion for art alive?

Art makes life more beautiful and allows each of us to explore our limitless imagination. From a personal point of view, I find that contemplating a painting makes me happy!

untitled, 2020, 2020 Alex Weinstein, United States
Courtesy of the SINGULART Collector

What sparked this passion to become a SINGULART Collector?

My father who was a printer had a passion for drawing, painting, writing songs, and poetry and since I didn’t inherit his talent, I’m interested in other people’s 😉

Which of your artworks particularly stands out? I am particularly fond of Alex Weinstein’s oil on canvas, which depicts the immensity of the ocean at sea. When I look at it, I see the movement of the ocean reflecting a different light depending on the time of day. It’s just beautiful! This work soothes me and transports me every time I look at it.

What is your favorite style of decoration? What is your favorite design piece in your home? Does your home decoration influence the way you collect?

The works that I am lucky enough to own are mostly in my living room so that I can better enjoy them on a daily basis. They fit in with the decoration of the house quite naturally.

What was your last acquisition on SINGULART?

Cuban Coffee by Michel MIRABAL and Equilibrium by Jean-Luc FEUGEAS.

Cuban Coffee, 2017 Michel Mirabal, Cuba
Courtesy of the Collector

What is your favorite part about collecting art? What do you find is the most difficult part about collecting art?

Receiving the work at home and thinking about where you want it to go is my favorite part. No stress, only excitement!

How are your collections built?

By instinct and depending on my means!

Are you eyeing any new artworks?

I am very tempted by the dreamlike universe of Rie Kono on SINGULART.

Finally, do you already have a project for tomorrow, a work that attracts you?

Not immediately but hopefully soon!

Celebrate SINGULART’s fourth anniversary with the ‘Creative Joy’ collection!